NBA All-Star Tells Challenge Veteran to ‘Get It Done’

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MTV’s The Challenge is now on its 36th season and the show is bigger than ever, so it’s no surprise that celebrities and athletes are also watching and supporting the show. Recently, NBA All-Star and two-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo said that he’s a fan of The Challenge and revealed who his favorite competitors are.

In a video shared by Challenge legend Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, Antetokounmpo is seen walking through the Milwaukee Bucks locker room showing off his Johnny Bananas face mask. NBA’s 2020 Defensive Player of the Year then says, “Have you seen my mask? You know I’m a big fan of The Challenge, right? My Johnny Bananas mask. There’s some good people in [The Challenge]. I think there’s gonna be a lot of drama, some rookies in it. But I got my mask. Johnny Bananas sent me a mask so, shout out to Johnny Bananas.”

He then says, “Leroy! Come on, Leroy! This is your 14th season, it’s gonna be your last season. You gotta get it done, you gotta get it done. I trust you.” Here is the video:

Bananas shared the video to Twitter with the caption, “My man @Giannis_An34 sure knows how to pick em! Am I right @Bruce_Lee85.” Leroy Garrett replied to the video, “Damn right bro.”

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Leroy Has Said That He Will Retire After ‘Double Agents’, His 12th Season of the Show

Double Agents is actually Leroy’s 12th season on the show and his last attempt at a win after he announced his retirement prior to the start of the season. In a teaser video for the Double Agents season, Leroy said, “Coming into this game, I need to make very smart power moves that may upset some other people. Seasons before, I always thought about other people’s feelings, this season I really don’t care because this is my last and final season and I really want to get this win.”

Leroy has been on The Challenge since his debut on Rivals in 2011 after his season of The Real World: Las Vegas. Leroy’s had a difficult time on the show, making it to four finals without pulling out a win despite his strength as a competitor and his alliances. He came into Double Agents with his girlfriend Kam Williams and the two have played a strong game so far in the season, with Leroy partnered with Big Brother winner Kaycee Clark.

The Challenge veteran has a lot going on in his life outside of the show and has been making a lot of changes this year. In the fall of 2020, Kam and Leroy moved to Houston together and earlier this month, Leroy announced that he opened up his own barbershop.

Bananas Isn’t Appearing on This Season of ‘The Challenge’ But Has Not Made a Retirement Announcement

Double Agents was the first season without Johnny Bananas in quite some time, with the Challenge legend taking some time off after his historic seventh win last season on Total Madness. While there has been speculation that he might retire after the win, he has not made an official announcement and told the Us Weekly podcast after his last win that he was “just getting warmed up.”

He said he thought about retiring after Total Madness because he was exhausted “emotionally, physically and mentally.” He said that after some time had passed and he watched the season he changed his mind about retirement:

If anything, I’ve just proven to myself and everyone else out there that I still have exactly what it takes to compete at an incredibly high level. I still have a lot to offer to the show to the franchise, to the viewers and to myself. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, just getting warmed up.

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