Jay Starrett Claims He Gave His Ally a Heads Up Before Blindside Elimination

Jay Starrett

MTV Jay Starrett

During Wednesday night’s Challenge episode, the fallout continued from Theresa Jones and Jay Starrett’s power move the week before. This article contains spoilers for the seventh episode of The Challenge: Double Agents, which aired on January 27.

The episode started with the competitors coming back to the house after Kam Williams’ elimination win over Ashley Mitchell and some of the blindsided players confronting Jay. Cory Wharton, who was partnered with Ashley, and Kyle Christie, Kam’s partner, both told Jay he had assured them he would be giving them a heads up if they were going in but he said he didn’t.

However, in The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath, which aired on January 27 following this week’s episode, Jay defended himself and claimed that he actually did give Cory a heads up that they were the house vote.

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Jay Told Host Devyn Simone & Fellow Costars That He Actually Gave Cory a Heads Up That He Was Going In

Jay Explains His Blindside of Cory 📛 The Challenge: Double Agents AftermathHost Deyvn Symone gets the latest scoop on house drama, why the guys bailed on the Aerial Takedown mission which was dominated by the women, and the truth behind Leroy sending himself into elimination. 📛 #TheChallenge #MTV Subscribe to The Challenge: bit.ly/2lCW9xv After the chaos of total madness, The Challenge: Double Agents returns the series…2021-01-28T02:30:02Z

After the seventh episode of The Challenge aired, a few of the cast members, including Jay, appeared on the Aftermath show hosted by former Challenge star Devyn Simone. She began by joking with Jay that he seemed pretty suspicious on the show with no one sure of who he was allied with. She said, “You seem so innocent but you say one thing one second and another thing another second.” Jay laughed, “Devyn, thanks for setting me up again.”

He said that if he’d won the daily challenge he wouldn’t have come for Kam and Leroy Garrett because he said he promised them that he wouldn’t go after them after the previous elimination. However, Kam said at that point in the game, Jay and Theresa seemed like “team suspect.” Devyn said, “Jay, you were supposed to give Cory and Kyle the heads up if you were gonna go after them but you didn’t. Can you tell me why?”

Jay then said that he did actually try to give Cory a heads up but their signals were crossed. He also said he’d promised Theresa he wouldn’t tell anyone and he felt that if he told Kyle they were going in, Kyle would have told Kam. He said, “And then Cory, he’s like ‘yo give me a signal’ and when he walked out of my room, I feel like we agreed on the fact that I was gonna wink at him to tell him like ‘yo you’re going down.’ But then I guess his wink was always like ‘yo man, a wink never means anything bad.'”

Jay then continued, “I’m gonna stand by this, I don’t care what anyone says cause f*** it, like signals are signals.” Jay said the way things worked out, Cory was seven rows behind him in the bus on the way to the elimination and it was in the middle of the night. He said Cory was asking him what’s up and he replied that he was winking at Cory to say, “bro it’s you.”

Jay Was Unable to Repair His Relationships & Was Voted Into Elimination by the House

Jay was ultimately unable to win the daily challenge or secure his alliances and the house voted him and Theresa into an elimination that TJ Lavin announced was a male elimination. Leroy, who won the double agent role thanks to his partner Kaycee Clark’s performance, decided to put himself in to earn his gold skull.

The elimination, “Fire Escape,” was a longer version of the first week’s elimination between Natalie Anderson and Ashley and it was a close race. However, Leroy managed to power through the final stretch and get the win, earning himself a gold skull and a spot in the final, while Survivor alum Jay’s season was cut short.

After his win, Leroy chose to stay with his partner Kaycee while rogue agent Cory was paired up with Theresa. The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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