‘The Challenge’ Star Hits Back at Critics: ‘Zero Critical Thinking Skills’

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The first season of popular “The Challenge” spinoff “All Stars” has come and gone on Paramount Plus but one of the finalists on the show has been hitting back at critics regarding her inclusion on the show and provided more context as to why they were cast in the first place.

It goes without saying that a season titled “All Stars” will generate a lot of debate about which cast members should or shouldn’t be included and some “Challenge” fans thought that more recent competitors like Jemmye Carroll or Jonna Mannion shouldn’t have been included, or stars who hadn’t won a season in the past.

This week, Jemmye hit back at some of the critics who said she shouldn’t have been on the show and provided more behind-the-scenes information about the decision to cast her instead of the female competitors who were cast as alternates, like Casey Cooper, Heather Cooke and Sophia Pasquis.

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Jemmye Revealed Why She Was Cast on ‘All Stars’ Ahead of Some of the Female Alternates

Jemmye explained that Tina Barta was originally supposed to be on the cast instead of her, but when Tina had to back out of filming, they chose to call Jemmye to replace her instead of choosing from the alternates because they needed a cast member with a “big personality.”

She said, “Yall have zero critical thinking skills on this app and it shows. They needed a big personality to replace Tina and no shade to Cooke or any of the alternates but they didn’t replace Tina with the alternates they had, they called me. I was never an alternate nor would I ever be.”

She continued that once the cast members were in quarantine, production decided to have one less male and female competitor on the final show and she was picked to remain in the cast instead of Casey. “Production knew what they needed and y’all can ALL stay mad,” she wrote. She also explained that they didn’t have to pick which male cast member to cut because Abram Boise tested positive for COVID-19 and didn’t make it through TSA.

One fan replied that Casey is much more entertaining than Jemmye and told the reality star, “You on crack for thinking you’re more entertaining than her.” Jemmye clapped back, “Well the people that get paid to make these decisions think differently, but Stan on homie…”

Jemmye Also Hit Back at Cody Calafiore After He Criticized the Decision to Cast Jemmye Over Cara Maria

Jemmye also got into an argument with her former co-star Paulie Calafiore after Paulie and his brother Cody Calafiore discussed Jemmye’s involvement on “The Challenge: All Stars.” During a Live, Cody told Paulie and Cara Maria, “I’m absolutely blown away that there was an ‘All Star’ season and Cara wasn’t on the all-star season. They had people that started around the same time as you. It was absolutely mind-blowing, I don’t understand it.”

Cara Maria then brought up Jemmye and said “I think Jemmye was just more of an ‘All Star,’ I guess,” with a small smile. Cody then said, “Jemmye is, you know, probably one of the worst people that I’ve ever seen on ‘The Challenge,’ I’m blown away every single year that she gets asked back.” The conversation led to a heated exchange of words between Jemmye and Paulie.

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