The Challenge Star Criticizes Production & Blasts Castmates: ‘F****** Losers’

The Challenge cast

MTV The Challenge: Final Reckoning

“The Challenge” star Jemmye Carroll is known for speaking her mind about the show and her cast members and she didn’t hold back recently when asked about the show’s recent seasons. In an interview with Mike Lewis on his podcast, Jemmye was asked her thoughts about the regular “Challenge” and its issues in past seasons.

Jemmye got right into it and slammed the cast. “The people are f****** losers,” she said. “They are, and I get it. There’s a lot of money at stake. Think about how slim [your chance of] winning the actual Challenge is. So, the people that are like in the middle like the Josh and like the Fessys, I’m just like, ‘Y’all be authentic, be yourselves.’”

She told the newer cast members that they have to be “authentic” because there’s something about them that got them cast in a reality show in the first place, but that they’re trying to “curate” themselves. “I think a lot of it is social media and the time that we live in,” she explained. “People are trying to ‘curate’ their personality for their brand instead of just showing up and being like, ‘Yo, this is who the f*** I am, and I’m just gonna be this person on TV, regardless.’”

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Jemmye Said Most of the Blame Lies on Casting & Production & She’s Already Spoken Up About It

Jemmye Carroll on what made Rivals 2 so fun, Knight, A NOLA homecoming, Tori/Jordan, more! EP #123Jemmye Carroll is my guest today. Jemmye talks to me about where her phobia of ketchup originates, her ventures in content creation, her original season of New Orleans, where the disconnect between the house and Ryan Leslie was, Knight, a potential homecoming, what made Rivals 2 her favorite season, the Kayleigh suitcase saga from Vendettas,…2022-03-03T18:55:34Z

Jemmye told Lewis on his podcast that she thinks a lot of the blame rests on producers because the problems with the cast are down to “lazy casting and production.” She said those in charge of casting are just looking at “hot” people on Instagram but don’t do more in-depth research into those people’s personalities.

She explained that in her opinion, the problem starts with casting, then goes into the production aspect, and lastly with the cast members. “It makes me sick as a fan because I was a fan of ‘The Challenge’ before I was ever on ‘Real World,'” she revealed. “So to see the show get away from what it was supposed to be is disgusting.”

She also spilled that she’s told MTV and Bunim/Murray Productions about her opinions in the past.

Jemmye Explained Why She Left the Regular Show After ‘Final Reckoning’

The Challenge

MTVThe Challenge’s Cara Maria Sorbello, Jemmye Carroll and Nicole Zanatta on Vendettas.

During the same podcast appearance, Jemmye said she didn’t want to return to the regular “Challenge” after “Final Reckoning” because she was “so pissed off” with the format of the season. “I was so pissed off with the format of ‘Final Reckoning,’ like knowing that me and Jenna [ Compono] were getting sent home and how good of a team we would have been personality-wise, storyline-wise, competitively,” she told Lewis.

“I think Jenna and I would have been an amazing team to watch together. I was so pissed off. I was like, ‘I’m done with this show,’” Jemmye said. On “Final Reckoning,” Jenna and Jemmye were purged out during the first challenge of the season and were sent to the Redemption House but they were not chosen to compete in the redemption challenge and were eliminated right away.

“After Final Reckoning, I was like, ‘F*** this s***. This is not the show I signed up for [or] fell in love with as a child,’” she concluded.

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