‘The Challenge’ Star Blasted Online & Accused of ‘Bullying for Clout’

The Challenge Spies Lies and Allies

MTV The Challenge: Spies Lies and Allies

Two cast members from “The Challenge” who have never appeared on a season together didn’t let that stop them as they clashed on social media this week. One of the last remaining rookies from “Spies, Lies and Allies,” Emanuel Neagu, called out Jemmye Carroll, who appeared on the first season of “All Stars” earlier this year and the “Real World” alum didn’t hesitate to clap back.

The drama between the two started after Fessy Shafaat tweeted an idea he had for future seasons of “The Challenge,” suggesting, “What if @ChallengeMTV traveled around the United States for the next season and did live daily challenges and eliminations in stadiums and arenas so people could watch live and cheer on. could still record and throw the episodes put together on paramount plus or whatever too.”

Jemmye replied to Fessy’s tweet, “Good luck filling those stadiums you speak of… *Rihanna voice*.” A screenshot of the exchange was shared to a “Challenge” gossip account and led to Emanuel calling out Jemmye.

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Emanuel Called Out Jemmye in the Comments of an Instagram Post Highlighting the Exchange

The Challengeteaa Instagram account shared a screenshot of Fessy’s comment and Jemmye’s reply and Emanuel took to the comments to blast Jemmye, writing, “That’s the same girl that wanna bully Tori for clout , right ?” Jemmye has called out Tori Deal in the past, most recently in the last couple of weeks when she called her an “opportunist.”

In reply to Emanuel’s callout, Jemmye tweeted, “Oh the great value Jordan has something to say…” in reference to comments from fans that Emanuel looks like Tori’s ex Jordan Wiseley. She also tweeted, “I’m not sure which one he is. But he can be next.”

Jemmye also replied directly to Emanuel in the Instagram comments, writing, “clout? Lol. Last time I checked I’m actually on the challenge show fans enjoy watching! She’ll drop you as soon as you stop getting cast so enjoy the ride bro!!!!” She added, “also while I’m here.. maybe check your girl’s track record with men on the challenge and not my tweets.”

Emanuel replied, “nothing against ya’ll motherf****** I love you all haters and fans, I’m glad y’all know my name. Jemy , i thought that was for clout because I personally don’t have the heart go out of my way to bully somone or to try to put them down. And it’s not only about Tori , that’s why I commented on this post.”

Jemmye ended the conversation by replying to Emanuel, “telling the truth about somebody isnt bullying. She’s an opportunist. Facts are facts! You’ll unfortunately learn the hard way!! But I wish you well homie!!! It’s all love.”

Emanuel Has Shown That He Isn’t Afraid to Speak Up About Cast Members & Called Out Ashley Mitchell a Few Weeks Ago

It’s not the first time Emanuel has spoken up on social media and the rookie has shown that he’s not afraid to speak his mind. A few weeks ago, after Ashley Mitchell was removed from “Spies, Lies and Allies,” many fans criticized Josh Martinez due to cast members saying that Ashley had gotten into a verbal altercation with him.

Emanuel defended Josh and wrote that he was there and was “trying to defend Josh against Ashley.” He also said Ashley was “disrespectfully picking on me talking about my language and s*** when I was trying to tell her she went too far.”

Emanuel also defended Tori in the past, namely when the star was criticized by Tacha Akide at the beginning of the season. Tori received a lot of heat from fans after the episode where Tacha was eliminated and Emanuel hopped on Instagram, posting a video to his Story saying that Tori had never promised Tacha anything.

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