The Challenge Slammed as ‘F****** Gross’ by Cast Member

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Astar of “The Challenge” has lashed out at the show, specifically its social media team, for failing to promote a “Challenge” alum’s call for help following devastating childbirth that caused severe injuries.

Anastasia Carter, nee Miller, “The Real World: Portland” and “Rivals II” alum shared her traumatic birth story on Instagram recently and revealed that she was a victim of medical negligence that caused some serious lasting injuries. She also posted a GoFundMe to help raise money to help her family since her husband needed to take 6-8 weeks of unpaid leave to care for her and their infant.

However, while some cast members and fans shared Anastasia’s story and helped raise money to help, Jemmye Carroll was vocal in calling out “The Challenge” for failing to promote their alum’s GoFundMe on their platforms.

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Anastasia Shared Her Story on Social Media & Created a GoFundMe to Get Help Covering Her Family’s Expenses

Anastasia wrote on Instagram and GoFundMe that when she gave birth to her son six months ago, the labor was lengthy and “excruciating” and the “hospital assigned midwife and nurse” did not listen to her, “which in turn caused serious injuries resulting in the loss of more than half of my units of blood… bleeding out, hemorrhaging, loss of consciousness and need for several bags of blood, platelets, major 4th degree injury to my entire private area.”

She wrote that she has been living in serious pain and suffered lasting issues every day in the six months since then, including incontinence. In June 2022, she shared that she had a surgery to repair “my laceration, sphincteroplasty, perineoplasty, possible fistula, fix sewn open vagina. Basically all of it.”

Jemmye Blasted ‘The Challenge’ for Staying Quiet Instead of Promoting Their Alum’s Plea for Help

Since Anastasia’s story began circulating on social media, Jemmye took to her Twitter to broadcast it to her followers and ask for help for “The Challenge” alum. On June 20, she wrote, “Over half way to the goal in 21 hours bc of fans and fan accounts!! I’m so impressed by y’all but ummm…. @TheChallenge y’all wanna pull up and help promote this for a challenge/RW alumni who needs help?”

She later added, “Completely in awe of what the challenge fans and cast members did to help Anastasia! Shoutout to the fan accounts that really pushed the go fund and ensured her goal was met. I can’t imagine how grateful she must feel to receive this support…”

Then, on June 23, she wrote, “Just like clockwork the @TheChallenge is posting a gender reveal announcement but couldn’t repost a go fund me for a fellow alumni who almost died during childbirth! It’s f****** gross. Y’all are not seeing heaven!!!” She then added, “It really upsets me. Like all they had to do was post an ig story. It take two seconds.”

Nia Moore was one of the cast members who shared the GoFundMe page on her Twitter, writing, “Any amount for Anastasia, big or small, is tremendously appreciated fam.” Corey Lay also contributed to Anastasia’s fundraiser.

Many fans were also unhappy about “The Challenge” not sharing Anastasia’s story, as a post on the official “Challenge” Twitter account about Kyle Christie’s birthday on June 21 was filled with replies from fans sharing Anastasia’s story and asking the show to repost it.

Heavy reached out to MTV for comment.

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