The Challenge Star Didn’t Know Name of Cast Member [LOOK]

The Challenge All Stars cast

MTV The Challenge: All Stars cast

The Challenge: All Stars premiered on Paramount Plus a few weeks ago and many of the cast members have been really vocal on social media about events behind-the-scenes and unaired drama. Recently, some the season’s fan favorites, Mark Long and Jisela Delgado, shared some videos and stories from behind the scenes about the flight down to Argentina, where filming took place.

Jisela posted a video of the flight to Argentina in which she showed off her food and revealed she just met Darrell Taylor for the first time but didn’t know his name. She said it was “terrible” that she couldn’t remember Darrell’s name and said, “I had met so many new people!! Terrible, shame!” Here is the video:

Jisela also laughed and pointed out that she could hear someone in the background of the video asking for more pinot grigio. She then added, “So many drinks going around walking and talking they swore we were on a party bus! Me and @mtvrrdarrell were like MF this is a whole Plane sit down! (Fear of heights returned unexpectedly for a brief moment).”

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Mark Long Said the Pilot Warned Them to Be Less Rowdy or They Would Have to Land in Houston

Mark replied to Jisela’s video and wrote, “CAPTAIN: ‘um…. if you guys in the back don’t settle down, we’re gonna have to land this plane in Houston……’ direct quote lol.” Jisela replied to his comment and wrote, “It’s so true!!! I was so scared we were all gonna get arrested if they landed the plane I was stressed!!”

Derrick Kosinski got in on the reminiscing and wrote, “Don’t ever tell a reality tv personality [to] calm down. Worst idea ever.” Mark also retweeted a video clip of one of his interviews about the flight:

In the interview, Mark said, “You would think in their 40s the cast would settle down and be less rowdy, it’s the exact opposite. We were flying over Texas on the way down to Argentina and the pilot came on and said, ‘hey, if you guys don’t settle down in the back, we’re gonna have to land this plane in Houston.’ And I was like, ‘guys!'”

The All Stars Season Was Filmed in Argentina & Has Been Extremely Well-Received by Fans

The fifth episode of The Challenge: All Stars dropped on Paramount Plus on Thursday, April 29, marking just over halfway into the nine-episode season. Although fans originally had concerns about the season being added to another streaming platform and had complaints about some of the cast members, the show has been very well-received by fans, with many praising its nostalgic vibes, classic Challenges and, of course, the drama and hookups that haven’t been as prioritized on the main show in the past few seasons.

Although future seasons of the spin-off show haven’t been announced yet, Mark Long, who was the driving force behind All Stars, revealed to Heavy that his goal is to have several seasons of All Stars followed by a “Super Bowl of OG’s versus newer show cast members.”

He said it would be the “most-watched show in reality competition history” and that his “money is on the OG all stars every day of the week and twice on Sunday. That is a fact.”

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