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The second half of the final of “The Challenge: All Stars” is about to air following an exciting, action-packed first half featuring the 11 remaining cast members. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the eighth episode of “The Challenge: All Stars,” which dropped on Paramount Plus on May 20.

In the first half of the final, “Challenge” OGs had to complete a puzzle and then jump in a canoe in guy/girl pairs and paddle to the second checkpoint. TJ Lavin announced that the final pair to arrive at the second checkpoint would be purged from the final.

Alton Williams and Aneesa Ferreira lost their lead when their canoe capsized but they were still able to avoid last place. Jisela Delgado and Derrick Kosinski, on the other hand, finished their puzzles in the middle of the pack but lost their advantage as they struggled with their canoe. The two ended up getting passed by all the teams and finished the checkpoint in last place, losing their chance to win $500,000.

After the episode aired, Jisela appeared on the “Challenge Mania” podcast hosted by Derrick and Scott Yager and they revealed that production had a hand in helping Aneesa and Alton at that checkpoint while their own canoe had issues before they even jumped in.

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Jisela Revealed That Production Helped Aneesa & Alton Reset Their Canoe After It Capsized & They Actually Capsized Twice

While speaking with Derrick and Scott, Jisela revealed that Alton and Aneesa’s canoe capsized and they had to be rescued by production: “Their canoe was the right way, but somehow you still manage to capsize and you have to be rescued by production, right? Had production not come, they would probably still be in the water.” Scott asked for more details and Jisela explained:

Not even just that, they’re so far off course… I would say they’re maybe 60 yards to the left, not even on the path… Production flipped their canoe back over, they helped empty it out, they held Alton and Aneesa on another raft, and then they let them get back on.

Scott argued that it wasn’t fair because if production was to help a team, they should have waited until all teams had passed them before doing so. Jisela told Scott, “I get where you’re coming from,” and that her 20-year-old self would have been upset by it, but she now understands that it’s all just part of the rules. “They’re not that meticulous with the rules,” she added, and they didn’t say teams would be disqualified if they got help from production.

Later in the conversation, Derrick revealed that Aneesa and Alton actually capsized twice overall. “Both times, they got back up on their boat and they just took off again,” he said.

Jisela Also Explained That the Canoe She Chose With Derrick Was Lined Up the Wrong Way on the Beach

During the same podcast appearance, Jisela explained that their canoe was lined up incorrectly at the starting line. She said all of the canoes were lined up with the front half in the water and a GoPro fixed to the back of the canoe, so teams that finished their puzzles could jump in and easily push off. However, the canoe that she and Derrick jumped in was actually lined up with the back of it facing the water, unlike the others, and had the camera mounted on the wrong end.

It was set up to be very quick. And the GoPro was set up on the back end facing forward. We would have never considered, this is wrong. Now that I know what the bow of a canoe is, I will always be able to recognize it.

Jisela said she doesn’t think it was done on purpose. “Whoever mounted the GoPro didn’t know what they were doing and then they lined up the canoes from there,” she said. “Or whoever lined up the canoes didn’t know what they were doing. But I don’t think it was on purpose.”

However, she added that she knows for sure that production could tell the canoe was facing the wrong way once they got going because they asked them about it in their interviews afterward. That being said, Jisela said she’s big on accountability and doesn’t want to shift blame for their loss to anyone else.

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