Jodi Weatherton Revealed Why She Was Dropped From Season 1 of ‘All Stars’

Jodi Weatherton

MTV Jodi Weatherton

Jodi Weatherton made her return to our screens for the first time since her win on “The Challenge: The Duel” when she joined the cast of “All Stars” season two, which is now three episodes into the season on Paramount+. After the third episode, she appeared on “MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast,” where she revealed why she wasn’t able to compete on the first season of the spinoff show.

Jodi told Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira that she was interested in appearing on “All Stars” from the moment Mark Long called her back in the summer of 2020 to pitch the OGs project and said she agreed to join the first season when she was officially called by the casting team. “I filled out the background check information, the deep sheet — the whole thing,” she told the co-hosts.

However, she said she got another call from the producers, who told her that the background check company informed them her background check would take 23 to 30 days because she lived in Germany. She said she was told that wouldn’t be enough time to process her and get her on the show.

Jodi explained that she was really sad when she found out she couldn’t go. “We were deep in the pandemic over here, super locked down, no stores were open,” she said, adding that they had a curfew and could only have one family member over. “It was really depressing over here so it was something to look forward to… I remember being super sad that I wasn’t gonna go.”

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Jodi Revealed That She Was Called for Season 2 on Her Birthday & Was Very Excited to Return

Despite the first season of “All Stars” not working out for the two-time champ, Jodi said she received the call for the second season on her 40th birthday and it was a really nice present. She said:

I was excited, but then I also had this feeling in the back of my head like, ‘OK, I won the last one I did. I feel pressure to like go back and perform.’ You know that uncertainty of ‘Do I wanna go back into it or just kind of like leave it where it’s at?’

Jodi told Tori and Aneesa she only knew that Kendal Sheppard and Derrick Kosinski would be on the season but was otherwise unaware of who would be there. The first person she saw when she got on the bus was Tina Barta, she said, and she kind of froze and got nervous, but then saw a lot of familiar faces like Brad Fiorenza, Nehemiah Clark and M.J. Garrett and was excited to see them after so long.

Steve Meinke and Ayanna Mackins were the only two cast members that she’d never seen or met before, Jodi explained. She said despite having not seen Derrick in person for many years, she was really glad that her “Road Rules” co-star chose her to partner with for the first challenge.

Jodi Was the 1st Solo Female Winner, on ‘The Duel’ in 2006, But Recently Said She Was Never Called Back After That

Jodi made her debut on “Road Rules: X-Treme” and competed on three challenges back in the day, “The Inferno II,” “The Gauntlet 2” and “The Duel,” and she won the last two back-to-back, racking up an impressive 19 challenge wins in the process.

After her impressive win on “The Duel,” Jodi never returned to the franchise and instead got married, had kids and pursued a career. Now 40, Jodi recently revealed that it wasn’t her choice not to return and she actually wasn’t called back after her second win.

“It honestly ended up being a good thing for me because I feel like it would have been enticing to go back, but I was ready to start a family, I got married,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

New episodes of “The Challenge: All Stars” season two drop on Paramount+ every Thursday.

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