Johnny Bananas Shares Card From Father: ‘I Just Want You to Realize Your Potential’

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Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio provided fans a glimpse into his personal life recently when he shared on his Instagram Story some mementos he found while cleaning out his house. In one clip, he shared with his followers a birthday card that his father wrote to him when he was just 14 years old.

“I’m quite proud of you 93 1/2 % of the time. The other 6 1/2 % I think will work out long term,” the birthday card read in part. “Forgive me if I forget you’re 14 still. I’m not a patient man on the surface, but deep down I never give up. I just want so bad for you to realize your potential. Just want you to have good work skills and habits which will allow you to succeed at whatever you choose to do.”

His father concluded the card by writing that Bananas has a “winning smile and super personality.” He wrote, “Now if we get your work habits and concentration in place you’ll be unstoppable.”

Here is the video:

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Bananas Recently Said He Learned a Lot From His Past Mistakes Growing Up on Reality TV

Bananas recently spoke to comedian and actress Margaret Cho in the context of his recent project “Celebrity Sleepover” and revealed that he made some mistakes in the past and learned from them. During an episode of his show, host Bananas and Cho discussed how comedy has been a safe place for social commentary in the past and the current focus on “cancel culture.”

Bananas brought up his experience growing up as an adult on reality TV and watching himself on “The Real World” and “The Challenge” and learning from his mistakes. He said, “I’ve been able to watch myself grow up on television, I’ve been able to make my mistakes and learn and grow from them and I think that’s what’s important and that’s what should be taken away from it.”

Bananas explained that cancel culture could be seen in some ways as “a positive because we have evolved.” Cho agreed that it can make people better comedians: “You just have to be more skillful in the way you phrase things and it’s really about the intention behind the joke which I think is really good for the artform.”

The 7-Time Champion Is Taking Time Off ‘The Challenge’ to Pursue His Career in Entertainment & Focus on Hosting Jobs

“The Challenge’s” seven-time champion has been vocal about wanting to take time off from the MTV competition show and focus on his other projects, namely as host of “Celebrity Sleepover” and NBC’s “1st Look.” The lifestyle show sees Bananas visit various parts of the U.S. to discover activities, food, culture and nightlife all over the country.

After his seventh win on “Total Madness,” Bananas said he’d love to focus on his hosting jobs and develop himself as a well-rounded television personality and entertainer. He told Heavy it might be time for him to take a step back from the show, “let somebody else win,” and expand his resume as a television host. He said:

For now, I’m just really focused on the projects I’m working on, “Celebrity Sleepover,” really spreading my wings, expanding my repertoire and showing people that I’m not in fact just a banana, I’m also an onion and there’s other layers to me. I’m really enjoying right now just kind of seeing what else is out there and what else I’m able to do.

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