Johnny Bananas Discusses ‘Worst Side of Filming’ With ‘The Challenge’ Co-Star

Johnny Bananas

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Johnny Bananas Devenanzio has had a lot to say about the current season of “The Challenge” thanks to his new podcast, “Death, Taxes and Bananas,” and he recently had on a very polarizing figure in the “Challenge” world as a guest. Bananas was joined by the eliminated Josh Martinez, where he told him that his emotional personality was refreshing to see and said he hoped he would never change.

Josh told Bananas that in his day-to-day life, he’s a very relaxed and chill person but on the show, he gets very emotionally invested and opened up about the dark side of filming the reality show. He told the seven-time champ he wished he could be more like CT Tamburello or Bananas.

You guys are able to detach and not get as invested. Every time I go into a season, it becomes my reality, my world and I’m in it and I can’t disconnect. That’s why all my emotions just overflow and it takes a toll on me.

Bananas disagreed with Josh and said he shouldn’t want to be like him. “As much s*** as people give you on the outside, don’t ever lose that because… I think that’s what separates you” from others, he said. He told the “Big Brother” winner that he’s “unapologetically, authentically who you are and that ability to wear your emotions on your sleeve is what makes you different and what makes you special.” He added, “don’t ever change that.”

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Bananas Said He Doesn’t Understand Why Josh Gets So Much Hate & Josh Told Him It’s the ‘Worst Side of Filming’

Bananas said he doesn’t understand why Josh gets so much hate from fans of “The Challenge” and told him, “you are honestly one of the most loyal dudes that I’ve ever seen on the show and you say what you mean and you mean what you say.” The longtime reality star said maybe Josh’s personality doesn’t translate well on-screen but that if people knew Josh the way Bananas does, they wouldn’t feel that way. Josh replied:

If I’m being completely honest, Johnny, the worst side of filming the show is the hate and just like… sometimes it becomes really overwhelming… I’ve made peace with the fact that I don’t go on the show to be loved, to be accepted, for a fan base, I’m grateful for the ones that do support me. I don’t go on the show to be understood.

Josh also revealed that Bananas has really helped him with handling some of the negative reactions he’s gotten. The “Total Madness” winner said it’s likely that with time, more and more fans will come around. As an example, he brought up the infamous moment he stole the prize money from his partner Sarah Rice. Almost all the fans of the show hated him after it happened, Johnny revealed, but with time, many have accepted it as an amazing moment.

Josh Revealed That Bananas Was 1 of the 1st People He Reached Out to After His Elimination

At the end of the podcast, Bananas reiterated that Josh is “such a gem” and asked his listeners and fans to leave Josh alone. He gave his co-star advice, telling him from his own perspective:

I know who matters to me in my life, my friends, my family, obviously the fans that support me… the people who really know me. Not Johnny Bananas, [but] people who know me.

As long as those people whom I respect and whose opinions I care about, as long as they love me and as long as they respect me, then I could give a s*** less what the rest of planet Earth has to say.

Josh revealed that Bananas was one of the first people he messaged after his elimination from “Spies, Lies and Allies” and that he was so devastated. He said he doesn’t cry because it’s a weakness but because he’s become so invested in the show over the past five seasons. “I love what I do and I really just wanna succeed at it… I put my heart into this s***,” he added.

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