Johnny Bananas Addresses His Plans for a Return to ‘The Challenge’

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The Challenge legend Johnny Bananas Devenanzio recently responded to a fan who asked him about his plans for a return to the show after taking the Double Agents season off. In the midst of a conversation about Bananas and NFL superstar Tom Brady both winning seven championships, a fan asked Bananas, “So you are coming back to the challenge right? and winning another ring?”

Bananas replied, “Well that was the original plan… Until @TomBrady copied me… And agreed to return for another season after his 7th win… So now i’m not sure.” Although Bananas didn’t give a straight answer to the question, the seven-time champion has not announced his retirement from the show at this time so fans will likely see him again on their screens.

After Total Madness, Bananas originally said he thought about retiring with his record seven wins, but once time had passed he decided he wanted to return as he believes he still has a lot to give to the franchise.

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Bananas Had a Debate With Some Fans of the Show in Which He Compared Himself to Brady

After The Challenge: All Stars season was announced, Bananas got into several conversations with fans of the show in which he compared himself and his contributions to the show to Brady’s record in the NFL. One fan said, “It’s actually embarrassing that [Bananas] doesn’t have more championships considering he was on 70 seasons.” Bananas was quick to respond and replied in part, “I’ve done 20 seasons with 7 Championships. There’s this other guy named @TomBrady who has the identical winning percentage… You embarrassed for him too.”

Someone joked that Brady would never get his sister to “write notes to get in the oppositions head before a super bowl,” referencing “NoteGate,” when Bananas brought notes written by his sister to divide some of the female competitors in the house on Vendettas. Bananas replied that Brady should take “pointers” from the Challenge legend concerning pregame preparation.

He also replied to a fan who said Brady doesn’t sleep with the competition to get ahead, writing, “So true… Which just highlights @TomBrady lack of commitment and determination to win.”

Bananas Recently Announced a New Project, a Show Titled ‘Celebrity Sleepover’

Bananas recently revealed that in addition to his hosting duties on NBC’s 1st Look, he would be releasing a new project soon with NBC titled Celebrity Sleepover. The details of the show and release date were not provided with the announcement but he said Tiffani Thiessen, who played Kelly Kapowski on Saved by the Bell, was his guest on the show.

The seven-time champion has been the host of 1st Look since 2018, which is a travel and lifestyle show featuring Bananas trying out various foods, experiences and nightlife around the U.S. He has been promoting the latest season on social media, which likely filmed around the same time as Double Agents.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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