Johnny Bananas Slammed by The Challenge Star: ‘Slimeball John’

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Johnny Bananas Devenanzio has 20 seasons of “The Challenge” under his belt so it’s no surprise that he has friends and enemies among his MTV co-stars.

The seven-time champion had Brad Fiorenza on his podcast back in December 2021 to discuss the “All Stars 2” season that was airing at the time and some comments he made about Tina Barta rubbed her the wrong way and prompted her to clap back some months later. On December 9, 2021, Brad posted a clip from Bananas’ podcast on his Instagram titled, “Does Tina have the ability to not be annoying?”

In the clip, Bananas asked Brad the question and he replied, “She’s intense, bro, I mean I get along with everyone for the most part. I love Tina, I do, she’s great but when she came up banging the pots and pans [on ‘All Stars 2’], you saw that right?” He went on to explain that he’d just spoken to her for an hour to talk her down before that.

“Ten minutes later, not even, maybe five minutes later, she comes up and does that thing with the pots and pans,” Brad added. “After she was talking about the new her, this and that.”

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The Clip Featured Brad Discussing His Thoughts on Tina’s Return on ‘All Stars 2’

The clip mostly featured Brad discussing the incident on “All Stars 2” with Tina banging the pots and pans. On the podcast, however, Bananas got into it a bit more afterward, adding, “That whole scene, it’s like first of all, think of something original. The banging of the pots and pans it’s been done, it’s kinda played out, telling Jodi Weatherton ‘welcome to my bad side’… If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t Jodi already on her bad side? Isn’t that why Tina sent her in?” He added:

And then her whole statement about ‘I’ve come a long way in the last 10 years’… have you? I think we’re regressing here.

I for one was not upset to see her go and again, it’s like what are you doing man, you come on this show to compete.

Bananas also pointed out that in his opinion, Tina and some of the other girls were the ones who invented the “mean girls” on “The Challenge,” who wore other competitors down to try to get them to quit.

Tina Replied to Bananas’ Comments on Twitter on May 4

When the podcast was originally released, a shorter clip was shared on Twitter in December 2021 by a fan who commented in part, “@TinaBarta isn’t annoying.” On May 4, 2022, Tina replied to that tweet and wrote, “Hey Slimeball John, don’t bring your thirsty manufactured b**** drama to include my name. We meet for like 5 seconds. Keep to what you know and don’t try to trap people into talking s*** about me. How about being a real man and if you have beef, bring it to me. Last warning.”

Tina then tagged Johnny in her next tweet and said, “ Why I am saying this sternly and shutting this behavior down. I have heard how you talk to women and it throws up some serious red flags to me. I am going to hold you accountable. We are not in our 20’s anymore. That behavior will not fly with me.” She added:

Passive aggressive bullying tactics trying to marginalize and belittle me, is not okay. I am not here for your pleasure and certainly not for you to treat disrespectfully.

If we are to work alongside each other, I would hope to have mutual respect for each other. I don’t play that whole fake s*** for clicks. I am putting this on a platform that will hopefully find its way to you.

One fan posted the longer interaction between Bananas and Brad and told Tina that Brad hadn’t been saying anything particularly bad about her and she agreed, writing, “Yes, @BradFiorenza handled it like a pro and was able to see that it was a leading question and be able to dodge at slime ball hurled at him. Jesus, I need to take another shower. I feel dirty revisiting this. I am now posting and ghosting. Talk amongst yourselves.”

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