Johnny Bananas & Wes Bergmann Call Out Season 37 Vets: ‘You F****** Idiots’

Johnny 'Bananas' Devenanzio and Wes Bergmann on The Challenge: Total Madness

MTV Johnny 'Bananas' Devenanzio and Wes Bergmann on The Challenge: Total Madness

Two legends from “The Challenge” reunited this week to share their thoughts on the ongoing 37th season and they did not hold back in their criticism of the veterans on “Spies, Lies and Allies.” Wes Bergmann and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio appeared on Bananas’ new podcast “Death, Taxes and Bananas” to unpack the third episode and the season so far.

Wes has been taking a break from the show to focus on other career opportunities after his early exit on “Double Agents” while Bananas has been off for two seasons now, following his impressive seventh win on “Total Madness.”

In this week’s episode, Bananas asked Wes “as a seasoned veteran of the game, what do you think of the vet strategy thus far, basically drawing a line in the sand, rookies on one side, vets on the other?” Wes’ answer and the discussion that followed was an interesting one about the role of the veterans on the show.

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Bananas & Wes Gave Their Thoughts on the Season & the Veteran Alliance

Wes replied to Bananas that the strategy is “brilliant” but then said, “I think that they’re all idiots.” He explained, “They’re running around with facial expressions as if they had invented something that had never been done or used before. And it’s like the most innovative thing, they’re calling the patent office and they’re trying to get it all trademarked.”

It’s like, ‘You f****** idiots. We have been trying to explain this to you for the last five years that this is how the game is supposed to be played. But you narcissistic ego, attention-seeking people just have to deviate from that plan to get clout.

Wes told his former rival, “They’re all running around like they’ve just scored a touchdown and it’s like you shouldn’t be this proud. It shouldn’t have taken you five years to learn what we have been doing for ten years before you even started.”

Bananas agreed with Wes and said, “Act like you’ve been here before. I’ve always said this. When you execute the perfect move or the perfect strategy, you kind of keep it to yourself.” He said the best way to play the game is to sit in the background and cause havoc but avoid taking credit for it because that will put a target on your back. He said, “The longer you can stay anonymous and in the background and pull strings… and not let anybody know you’re doing it, that in my opinion is the most flawless, impressive game.”

Bananas & Wes Spoke About How the Veterans on the Show Aren’t True ‘OGs’ & Are Playing the Game Differently

They spoke about how there are veterans there but the vets aren’t really “showing the way.” Bananas explained that the veterans on the show are like “second, third-tier ‘vets’ who are running the show now” and the true veterans like Nany Gonzalez, Aneesa Ferreira and Chris “CT” Tamburello are taking a back seat and letting the “new crop of vets” take control.

“It’s kind of painful to watch, in a way,” Bananas said. Bananas and Wes explained that the new group of people coming on the show are taking their cues from the veterans so because the veterans aren’t generating interesting storylines, the rookies aren’t either. The two vets gave the example of the moment on “Total Madness” when they coached rookie Jenn Lee into making a now-famous speech to her castmates that began with “greetings earthlings.”

Prepare for trouble, make it a double 🤡😈Wes and I lead an unsuspecting rookie to her doom.2020-04-09T23:11:13Z

Bananas said when he’s on the show, he feels like he’s a “producer first and a cast member second.” He explained, “I’m not just looking at from day-to-day what is gonna benefit my game… I look at it like, what’s gonna benefit the show, what can I do to make the show better.” He said even if there’s something that has nothing to do with “The Challenge,” he will create storylines out of thin air to make great TV and gave the example of when he wrote a series of notes on “Vendettas” to create a divide among the girls on the show.

The two clarified that they love the show and the current season but that the veterans can do a little bit better to show the rookies how to be more entertaining.

“The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on MTV.

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