The Challenge Veteran Told Champ He Should ‘Never Go Back’

The Challenge: Total Madness cast

MTV The Challenge: Total Madness cast

The Challenge has seen many fierce competitors come and go throughout the years, and one player who recently walked away from the game just revealed that they told a multi-time champion to “never go back” to the show. Leroy Garrett announced his retirement after the Double Agents season and on a recent Instagram Live, he told castmate Jordan Wiseley that he shouldn’t return.

Fans might not have known this, but Leroy revealed on the Live that Jordan is “my bro… I really f*** with Jordan, I Facetime him every day, I f****** love this dude.” He said Jordan “can be an a******” but the two are really close. During the conversation, Leroy said, “Jordan is one of the greatest people to have ever blessed The Challenge. I told Jordan to never go back cause his life is so much sweeter without doing the show.”

The three-time champion replied, “The hard part is they keep casting these bums and giving away so much money. That’s why I’m just gonna go take their money. I don’t want to go back but whenever I see it I’m like they just gave away half a million dollars to these old folks? I’d beat them.”

Leroy said that’s why they have to realize who they are and that they can get money “without you-know-who.” He said he doesn’t need to be on a TV show competing for money to get the million dollars: “I don’t need to eat ram’s testicles to get a million dollars,” he said. The two agreed that mentally they’ve been doing much better off the show.

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Leroy Spoke to Jordan About His Life After Retiring From the Show & How Happy He Is

Leroy, who moved to Houston with his girlfriend Kam Williams in the fall of 2020 and in January 2021 opened his own barbershop, also spoke with Jordan about how happy he’s been since the show ended. Leroy said, “The show’s been a part of my life for years but I’m not doing that no more… I’m not going back.”

Leroy said he’s not criticizing anyone who continues to do the show but for him, it’s time to move forward and pursue other goals. “Jordan, every morning I wake up in my shop, in my studio, and watch you on your bike training and your mind is clear, and as soon as you go back and do the show it f****** just takes you all out of it.”

The being said, Leroy said that MTV was a “huge blessing” for him as it allowed him to meet the people in his life, including Kam, build his following, make money and travel the world.

Jordan Is Taking Some Time Off the Show & Is Now Training to Compete in a Triathlon

After three in a row in his appearances on The Challenge, Jordan last competed on Total Madness, which aired in 2020. The show didn’t end well for him as he was thrown into a Pole Wrestle elimination against Fessy Shafaat and lost. Since then, Jordan took a break from the show and focused on training for triathlons, which he’s been posting about on his social media.

During Jordan’s appearance on Leroy’s Live, he said that he’d qualified for the USA Triathlon National Championships in August 2021 so that’s his next goal. The War of the Worlds 2 winner said if he does well at that event, he could qualify for the World Triathlon event and potentially make the Olympic team.

Leroy, on the other hand, announced his retirement after the Double Agents season and since posted a heartfelt message about his time with MTV on The Real World and 12 seasons of The Challenge: “12 seasons.. zero wins for my challenge record. I’ve come to terms with that, and I no longer carry that weight on my [conscience]. I’m alive and well and I did what I was sent to do, Learn, Change , Grow . That’s the only win I need.”

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