Jordan Wiseley Praises Former Rival & Challenge Champ: ‘Super Tough’

Jordan Wiseley

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There has been some tension between “Challenge” champions Cara Maria Sorbello and Jordan Wiseley for quite some time now, with things reaching their peak during “War of the Worlds 2” when they found themselves on opposing alliances, but it seems that Jordan may now be giving the two-time champ some credit for her gameplay.

The rivalry between the two didn’t really kick off until “XXX: Dirty 30” in 2017 although the two first appeared on a show together in 2013 on “Rivals II.” During the 30th season of the show, the two clashed and Jordan told Cara Maria he would prefer to run a final with rookie Tori Deal than her. Cara Maria then threw his bags into the pool.

By the time “War of the Worlds 2” came around, the rivalry between the two was hot and the competitors found themselves on opposing alliances, leading Jordan and Tori to switch teams from Team U.S. to Team U.K. Cara Maria then had a negative reaction to Jordan’s proposal to Tori on the show after his elimination win.

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Jordan Revealed That Cara Maria Is One of the Top Female Competitors During a Q&A Session

You asked, I answered.All the homies in the discord had more questions they were curious about so we made another video talking about some challenge drama, some hot-takes, woulda/coulda/shouldas, and staying on top of things. Join the discord if you want to be a part of the group chat and send in some questions, love or hate I'll…2021-06-05T23:54:38Z

Jordan gave his honest opinion about many “Challenge” subjects during the Q&A posted to his YouTube channel and in a couple of replies he gave credit to Cara Maria for her impact on “The Challenge.” One fan asked who he thought the best female “Challenger” of all time was and Jordan said he believes it’s Laurel Stucky.

He also said Evelyn Smith is a fierce competitor then added, “A lot of people would call us rivals but I think Cara is super tough, she’s definitely up there in the top three for women.” He also praised Cara Maria later in the video when another fan asked which four women would be on his hypothetical Mount Rushmore of “Challenge” competitors.

“Laurel, you know, cause I think she’s the greatest ever. Cara, she’s been around, you know, she’s always a toughie. Now, who paved the way for the tough girls? Coral [Smith],” he said. A clip of the video was posted to a Cara Maria and Paulie fan account on Instagram and Cara Maria reacted to the clip by writing, “WHAT” while Paulie simply commented with the hands up and fire emojis.

Jordan has always appeared to have a better relationship with Paulie than Cara Maria. In a 2019 interview with HollywoodLife, Jordan said, “For me, this is a game. I try not to make things personal. I don’t really dish out personal things — it’s usually about the game and performance and abilities and things like that. I trash talk and get in people’s heads, but I think Cara gets very personal and that just really rubs me the wrong way.”

However, he also told the outlet, “I love playing with Paulie. He comes in and plays hard. I think he gets a little personal on social media, but he comes in and plays hard and I enjoy playing the game with him. I enjoy competing with Paulie.”

Jordan Also Said the Competitor He’d Like to Avoid Facing in Elimination Is CT Tamburello

In the same video, Jordan was also asked who he believes his biggest competitor is in terms of eliminations and he said without a doubt that it’s Chris “CT” Tamburello. He said, “Big guys. CT. CT’s probably like the scariest dude to go in against in elimination cause he’s huge so if I had to move him that would be impossible. And he’s super smart, so he can do puzzles too.”

He said CT’s not only big but smart and added, “don’t let the dad bod fool you, he can move.” The three-time champ also said that despite what some fans might think, Fessy Shafaat is not a “big” competitor he’s afraid to face in eliminations. “A lot of you would probably say Fessy because of my last outing but you know what?” he asked. “Still felt confident, I don’t feel like he’s that big of a threat cause he’s a dummy, he got a really lucky elimination.”

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