Jordan Wiseley Kisses, Gets Cozy With ‘The Challenge’ Co-Star

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Two stars of “The Challenge” had fans doing a double-take on social media as they posted clips of themselves looking very close on May 27. Jordan Wiseley and his “Real World: Portland” and “The Challenge” co-star Nia Moore met up and Nia shared a photo of the three-time winner kissing her cheek as she wrote, “[Love] for life!” Here is the photo:

Some fans speculated in the comments about their friendship, with one asking if they’re just hanging out or if there’s more going on while others brought up some of the explosive moments they had on reality TV together. Nia appeared to address those comments as she tweeted again, “Y’all wild in my comments rn. The moment you learn to embrace forgiveness, self-accountability and personal growth…life gets really good. Some of y’all should realllly try it.”

She then followed that up with a short clip of Jordan showing off his haircut and she wrote, “Aight bet lemme ruffle some more feathers real quick yall funny af tho lol.” In the video, the two appeared very close and comfortable together:

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Jordan & Nia Appeared on ‘The Real World: Portland’ Together & ‘The Challenge’ & Had an Up-and-Down Friendship

Jordan and Nia met on “The Real World: Portland” and throughout the season the two clashed, with one heated argument leading to Jordan using racial epithets. The two also butted heads on “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II,” where Nia was disqualified just before the final after she assaulted Jordan.

Since then, the two have mended their relationship and appeared on an Instagram Live together in 2020 to discuss their past actions. “Jordan did not ask me to do this,” Nia said on the Live. “He is my friend, I love him deeply.” She also said:

This whole thing of trying to prove you’re not racist is so funny to me because I know you’re not one. But I just couldn’t stand by and allow you to wear a label that didn’t belong to you… He and I do not agree on everything, but what we do agree on is we genuinely love and respect each other as human beings, we genuinely accepted each other’s apologies.

Jordan also opened up to Nia during that Live and told her, “I love you Nia, I am so proud of the woman you’ve become. And we had to do this. We had to go through what we went through to get here. I feel good, I know that we are at peace with this, and I want others to be at peace with this… I just want to move forward.”

Jordan Recently Broke His Silence About His Relationship With Tori & Their Breakup & Said He’s Dating Someone New

It appears that at this time, Nia and Jordan are simply close friends who linked up, as Jordan recently revealed that he’s dating someone new. In an interview with Danny Pellegrino, Jordan revealed that he’s dating someone that people might know, although he told him the person is “not our demographic,” without clarifying what he meant by that.

In the same interview, Jordan broke his silence about his relationship with Tori and split from “The Challenge” star and revealed that he wouldn’t return to the show if Tori was there. He said he was disappointed that their story became more public than he wanted, which he felt “cheapened” it. Jordan said he wasn’t interested in doing “the reality TV thing and make all of this drama and it shouldn’t be out there.”

He explained that after their breakup, the two decided not to do interviews or speak about their split, so he was disappointed that Tori discussed it on a couple of podcasts. He said the main reason for not wanting to do a show with her is that the production can spin their edit in any way and he won’t have control over how they’re portrayed.

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