Jordan Wiseley Clears Air About ‘The Challenge’ Suspension Rumor

Jordan Wiseley

MTV Jordan Wiseley on 'The Challenge: Total Madness'

Jordan Wiseley isn’t on this season of The Challenge despite his fiance at the time of filming, Tori Deal, appearing on it, and many have questioned whether it’s because he’s working on other projects or if he was banned or suspended from the show. A few days ago, Jordan addressed the speculation and firmly denied being suspended from the show.

During Total Madness, MTV cut ties with one of the contestants, Dee Nguyen, following comments she made about the Black Lives Matter movement. Afterward, fans of the show began sharing the names of other contestants that they think should be banned, including Jordan. The reality TV star used racial epithets during a heated argument with Nia Moore, who is Black, on The Real World: Portland. Since then, Jordan and Nia have appeared on Instagram Live together and Nia said the two had moved on and she vouched for the Challenge star.

A few days ago, Jordan responded to a fan who asked if he’d ever return to The Challenge. He said, “The Challenge has always been second to scripted projects. That’s why I’ve taken so many seasons off in the past as well. Hopefully schedule will permit in the future and I’ll come back for vengeance!! lol.” Another fan questioned his response and asked, “Why do you keep saying ‘depends if schedule allows etc’ for coming back to the challenge? You and tori did an interview saying that you were going to make the challenge your home for the next few years? So it didn’t seem to be secondary then. Isn’t It because your on suspension?”

Jordan then replied, “there’s never been a suspension. At the time, Tori wanted to get a few more shows in before having kids. So we discussed that we’d go back together and secure the bag before leaving for good. Priorities change.” He then liked the person’s response, who said, “basically tori chose the show, she seems to want notoriety. A hypocrite really given she/both of you criticised [Cara Maria Sorbello] for living for the show and now tori is doing exactly that. Trying to become a beast and yet tried to humiliate Cara for doing so.”

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Jordan Previously Said He Took ‘Double Agents’ Off to Work on Other Projects

It’s not the first time Jordan has cited other projects interfering with filming The Challenge, as he also spoke about these when the Double Agents season was first announced. He said, “I’ve been shooting some new projects for your TV and device viewing pleasures.” In another comment on Instagram, he said, “I had to give someone else a shot!! And I’ve been filming a few other projects but I’ll be back in the future.” He told another fan, “Not this season, I ended up filming a different project and gave someone else a chance. I’ll be back tho!”

Jordan has taken a lot of time off the show in the past as well and has only appeared on six of the past 13 seasons, Double Agents included. He made his debut on Rivals II, placing third in the final, then returned for Free Agents and Battle of the Exes II and won his first championship with teammate Sarah Rice. The Real World: Portland star then took three seasons off before returning for XXX: Dirty 30, which he also won.

After his second win, he took another three seasons off and then returned for War of the Worlds 2, which he won with three of his Team U.K. partners. During that season, he proposed to his girlfriend Tori and she also made the final but did not make the final four with Jordan and just missed out on the win. He returned with Tori to Total Madness but had an early exit following a difficult elimination loss to Fessy Shafaat in Pole Wrestle.

Jordan’s Fiance at the Time, Tori, Appeared on ‘Double Agents’ Without Him & the 2 Broke Up Shortly After Filming

After Total Madness, Tori returned for Double Agents without Jordan and the two broke up shortly after Tori returned from filming. The breakup appeared to be amicable and both said they had no animosity toward each other, only love. Tori said in a podcast that her relationship with Jordan was in a bad place for a long time before their split and they even broke up once before for a short while. “I really, really begged him to stay with me,” she said.

She said her decision to appear on The Challenge: Double Agents alone was a way for them to get some distance in their relationship but the two broke up just a week after she returned, although they waited a while before announcing it. Since then, Tori has said on an Instagram live that she would “love” to do an Exes season with Jordan and that it “would be amazing.”

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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