Jordan Wiseley Says If Tori Deal Is on ‘The Challenge’ He’s ‘Not Going Back’

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Last fall, “The Challenge” world was rocked by the breakup announcement of Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal, who met, dated, and became engaged on the show. Since their breakup, pieces of information came out about the situation between the two, mostly from Tori’s side, while Jordan has kept tight-lipped about what went down.

However, in a recent interview for episode four of his “All Out” series, Jordan sat down with Danny Pellegrino, the host of pop culture podcast “Everything Iconic.” In the 30-minute interview, Jordan and Pellegrino discussed the “mug incident,” when Jordan and Tori had a “messy” conversation in the comments of Jordan’s Instagram photo and Pellegrino said MTV must have really wanted to get them on a season of “The Challenge” after seeing conversations like that.

He asked if Jordan would return to “The Challenge” and the three-time champ answered that he got a call from production about ten minutes after the exchange but said, “I’m not going back with Tori.” He explained:

It’s not because like I have a personal vendetta against them it’s just that I know how television works… And not that I can’t control [the narrative], but that they can, do and will… And that’s my biggest thing. It’s not that I want to win this, I was so hurt by the way the Tori and I thing broke apart because, number one thing, it cheapened all of it.

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Jordan Said Their Relationship Was Good Until COVID-19 & They Were Discussing Doing a Wedding Special With MTV

Jordan Wiseley talks it all out with Danny Pellegrino: Ep 4Today we're sitting down with the Tea Sipping Gawd, of the show Everything Iconic; Danny Pellegrino! Subscribe to keep up with the new episodes! Check out the new SuperSport beanies and Moto tees live right now! Join my discord to chop it with me, and let me know if I should keep doing this…2021-05-25T18:32:21Z

In the interview, Jordan said there were talks with MTV about doing a wedding special, and that MTV was actually planning a series of wedding specials with other couples that were set to tie the knot, like Zach Nichols and Jenna Compono. He said at that time, they were “really on cloud nine. Pre-COVID, pre-lockdown, we were really looking forward to, we were having fun planning a future together.”

Jordan explained that he thought he was going to marry Tori and spend the rest of his life with her. “We’re having very, very deep conversations about children,” he explained. He said their main goal in doing the MTV wedding series was to get paid and put the money toward buying a house. “This is my best friend, I trusted her, and now I have pie on my face.”

He said the two were working on music together, branding, fitness and more, and they had several contracts with companies. Jordan revealed the couple actually waited two months after their separation to announce it because they still had to work on their business together.

Jordan Spoke About the Interview Tori Did on Their Breakup & Said He Didn’t Want to Have ‘Drama’ Over Their Split

Jordan was also asked if he and Tori planned how much they wanted to share about their breakup publicly and he replied, “We had this discussion before she left the house… Let’s agree we’re not gonna do interviews about this, we’re going to make a statement when we’re good and ready because we do owe that to the fans, and then that’s it.” He said her reply, word-for-word, was, “We’re gonna show the world how to break up maturely.”

The “War of the Worlds 2” winner said that’s why he was surprised when he saw she did an interview about their breakup, referring to the Chicks in the Office podcast, where Tori said the two were struggling long before fans knew about it and they actually broke up before “Double Agents” for a short time.

Jordan said the two didn’t break up before the show, unlike what she said. He told Pellegrino he didn’t want to “do the reality TV thing and make all of this drama and it shouldn’t be out there.” He said that’s why he did the Instagram Story because he wanted to reply to the “false narrative.” Afterward, Tori texted him and Jordan said he told her, “We said we [weren’t] gonna do this and now you’re doing this because it seems like you’re doing it to save your a**.”

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