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Instagram Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal

Tori Deal and Jordan Wiseley publicly announced the end of their engagement in late November some time after Tori returned from filming The Challenge: Double Agents and they’ve kept mostly silent about the breakup with only a few passing references to it from Tori on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast. However, fans were quick to notice an awkward exchange between the two on Instagram recently.

On February 25, Jordan posted a series of photos of himself holding a mug with the message, “I’m a ray of f****** sunshine” and he captioned the photos with the same text. Tori commented on the photos, “That’s my mug…” Jordan then replied specifying that it was her mug.

Tori then wrote, “so you just kick people out and take their s***… cool.” Jordan replied, “ain’t nothing in this house yours anymore. You made your bed…” Tori replied with a series of emojis crying with laughter and Jordan fired back: “I’d resort to emojis too in this case. Please keep your drama off my page.”

It’s unclear if the exchange began with the intent to be lighthearted although it certainly appeared to become more pointed as it went on and the comments have all since been deleted. The conversation was screenshotted, however, and is available here:

Shortly after that conversation, Tori shared a story on her Instagram. Although she didn’t specify if she was discussing the exchange with Jordan, many fans speculated that it was in response to it. Tori said, “Did someone ever piss you off and you’re just like ‘no I am too grown to be involved in that behavior’ and then deep down you’re like ‘f*** it, I’m still an a******.'”

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Jordan Previously Said He Was Disappointed in Tori Speaking Publicly About Their Split

Jordan has only spoken once about their split and it was in response to an interview that Tori did addressing rumors that she cheated on him with Fessy Shafaat. While Fessy confessed to being attracted to Tori during Double Agents, the Are You the One? alum denied cheating on Jordan. Soon after the couple split, Tori and Fessy were seen in Turks and Caicos on vacation together.

In an interview on the Chicks in the Office podcast, Tori addressed the speculation and said in part, “Me and Jordan were on the rocks for a lot longer than people know, and we had broken up before The Challenge [Double Agents] for a little bit. I really, really begged him to stay with me.” She continued, “obviously when I came home, we broke up — really soon [after] I came home. It was pretty much the week after. We didn’t publicly announce it for months.”

After the interview made the social media rounds, Jordan went on Instagram and said, “I watched some of the interview and it’s certainly news to me. You know, I’ve been pretty silent about Tori and I’s split because I thought it was something very special and very deep and ours and I didn’t want to just give that away. So it’s disappointing to see what it’s being turned into.”

Tori & Jordan Broke Up in Late November in What Seemed an Amicable Split at the Time

The couple, who got engaged publicly in a touching moment during War of the Worlds 2, announced their separation on November 27. Their split was very amicable at the time and both released statements indicating that they have a lot of love for each other and there was no animosity or scandal behind their breakup.

Tori’s post said they were moving on with their lives but had a strong, deep bond that would continue, while Jordan wrote that the two were still deeply in love but needed to focus on their own “struggles and happiness.” Tori said there was no malice or anger but more due to a slow buildup of little problems over time that showed the couple they needed to focus on themselves.

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