Josh Martinez Speaks Out on Blowup With Fessy Shafaat, Hints at ‘Madness’ Coming

TJ Lavin on The Challenge

Twitter/MTV TJ Lavin on 'The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies'

The fourth episode of “The Challenge” came to an end with a bang as Fessy Shafaat decided to throw Amber Borzotra into elimination despite his closest ally Josh Martinez repeatedly asking him not to as the situation devolved into a lengthy yelling match between the two.

As the rest of the episode was taken up by the elimination itself, fans have to wait and see what the fallout of Fessy’s decision will be, which had echoes of a similarly misplaced blindside early on “Double Agents” when he threw himself into elimination against his ally Nelson Thomas. In the September 1st episode titled “Messy,” Josh told viewers in his confessional, “If he does this move tonight, ‘Big Brother,’ that whole alliance, I’m done. It’s over. So he better make the right move.”

Although viewers will have to see if the upcoming episodes show that Josh sticks by his word and turns his back on Fessy and “Big Brother,” the reality TV star spoke about that big moment on Instagram and his friendship with Fessy. Josh also hinted that viewers will get to see the fallout of Fessy’s decision and teased some “madness” that will come of it.

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Josh Gave More Context on His Friendship With Fessy But Hinted That Viewers Will See It Develop On-Screen

Josh addressed his friendship with Fessy in an Instagram Q&A after a fan asked if he would ever work with Fessy again in a future season. Josh replied, “I mean, this season, it’s definitely tough on my friendship with Fessy, and you guys are gonna see that play out, but Fessy’s one of my best friends and like a brother so I’ll definitely work with him in future seasons.”

He hinted that there may be more to come on “Spies, Lies and Allies” but said he isn’t proud of his reaction to everything that went down. “You guys are gonna see all the madness, and I’m not proud of the way I reacted if I’m being real with you,” Josh explained to fans.

Fessy Explained His Decision to Put In Amber & Said If the 2 Had Talked It Might Not Have Happened

On “The Challenge Aftermath” which aired after the fourth episode, Fessy explained to host Devyn Simone why he chose Amber despite his closest ally Josh begging him not to. He said he hadn’t talked to Amber throughout “Double Agents” and only worked with her occasionally through her friendships with Kaycee and Josh.

The same continued on the 37th season when Amber joined the show and that’s why he started thinking after his second mission win that he was likely on the bottom of her list of allies. He said, “I still haven’t talked to her, she’s cool with every guy in this house, Devin and Kyle she’s buddy-buddy with, she’s got Josh, Cory, all these people, I’m on the bottom of her list.”

Fessy said that walking into the Lair, he became annoyed with Josh constantly telling him not to put Amber in and pressuring him to change his mind. Fessy explained that it seemed like Josh was “trying to take charge” of his victory and Agency power. “You’re supposed to be my boy, take the night off, you’re safe obviously.”

Looking back on the situation, Fessy told Devyn he wished he had talked to Amber in the house because he wasn’t aware Josh felt so strongly about protecting her. He said if he and Amber had been more comfortable with each other, this whole scene with Josh wouldn’t have happened.

“The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on MTV.

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