‘The Challenge’ Producer Says She’s ‘Obsessed’ With Unpopular Cast Member

The Challenge host TJ Lavin

Instagram/MTV The Challenge host TJ Lavin

Casting for “The Challenge” has changed a lot over the years, with the show originally pulling only from “Road Rules” and “The Real World.” It was then expanded to other MTV shows like “Are You the One?” and then went global, pulling from athletes and reality stars from other countries and shows like “Big Brother” and “Geordie Shore” in the U.K.

There are always comments from fans about casting choices and many have been vocal about their distaste for some of the newer stars of the show, including “Big Brother” stars, leading to Devin Walker’s infamous line, “Big Brother sucks!”

Recently, producer and casting lead for “The Challenge” Skye Topic appeared on Us Weekly’s “Watch With Us” podcast to discuss the casting process and reveal what goes into choosing the right competitors for the show. Skye explained that a cast member who receives a lot of hate online, like Josh Martinez, won’t really affect their casting choices.

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Skye Said Josh ‘Gets a Lot of Hate’ on Social Media But He Brings a Lot to the Show

On the podcast, host Emily Longeretta asked if the casting team looks at competitors’ social media and social media comments to find out if a cast member is well-liked or not, and Skye replied, “Sometimes we’ve cast for the animosity between some people on social so sometimes that is a tool for me to work out like who’s really hating each other.”

However, she said negative comments about certain stars won’t really affect their casting decisions: “No, not really. I mean, I hate to use this example, but like Josh is not a well-loved cast member. He gets a lot of hate.”

“I personally am obsessed with Josh,” she continued. “I love him for so, so many reasons, but he’s not a well-liked cast member but I feel like he really brings something to the show, and so I don’t think maybe he’s getting the kind of love on socials, but I think it could turn around for him in a season or two.”

Skye concluded that she tries not to focus too much on the social media comments, “unless I’m feeling like there’s something that’s crossing boundaries or distasteful as far as race or sexuality.”

Josh Said He’d Like to Continue Competing Until He’s 30 Years Old & Said He Was Already Called for Season 37

The desire of producers to keep casting Josh is matched by the reality star’s desire to appear on the show as the “Big Brother” star spoke about wanting to keep competing for a few more years. In a Q&A shared to his Instagram Story, Josh, 27, said he’d like to continue competing until he’s 30 years old, CheatSheet reported.

Since the franchise usually releases two seasons of the show per year, the four-time “Challenger” could reasonably compete in another six seasons before he turns 30. On the “Challenge Mania” podcast, Josh said he got the call to compete on the 37th season of the show, although he didn’t confirm if he will appear.

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