The Challenge Star Reveals ‘I Didn’t Want to Do This Season’

The Challenge Double Agents

MTV The Challenge: Double Agents

One star of The Challenge who’s appeared on our screens the last few seasons recently revealed that they almost declined Double Agents and didn’t want to appear on the season. On the Challenge Mania podcast, Big Brother winner Josh Martinez told host Scott Yager that the way he was edited on previous seasons of the show made him not want to appear this season.

The conversation came about as they discussed Josh’s recent elimination win when he got his gold skull but even in his triumphant moment the edit made him appear “goofy” and as though he struggled a lot despite finishing the elimination in about five minutes, he said. Josh revealed, “I’m gonna keep it so real with you right now. I didn’t want to do this season. I did not want to do this season for that same fact.”

He also said it’s one of the reasons he doesn’t appear on many podcasts because he doesn’t always agree with the way he’s portrayed on the show, but explained that he’s come to accept that because of his emotional personality he will often get edited to highlight that.

Josh said he knows his “biggest flaw” is his temper and that’s what fans really see of him because “that’s what they’re gonna show, that’s what makes for good TV… It’s hard obviously within my edits, it’s really hard, and it’s not that I don’t wanna do the podcasts but I kinda had to come to terms with like, ‘alright, that’s what they wanna show of me, this is what I signed up for.'”

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Josh Said He’s Now Accepted His Edit as He Knows Who He Is & Doesn’t Need Approval From Anyone

Josh told Scott Yager that he eventually just accepted the way the edit portrays him: “I’m gonna let them run with their edit because I know that I’m coming back next season, I already got the call and I’m not gonna f*** up my relationship, but it’s frustrating when they kind of edit me in that way, in that light.”

The Big Brother alum also said that he doesn’t appear on reality TV to increase his following or appear a certain way and said everyone who knows him knows what he’s really like. “I don’t do this for anyone,” Josh said. “I don’t do this for followers, I don’t do this for fans, I don’t do this for acceptance. I never went on TV because I wanted to be ‘famous’ or whatever you want to call it, I kinda went on to change my situation financially.”

“They can edit it however they want, the ones that are filming there, production knows the reality, I know my reality and I know that I’m gonna continue to have opportunities to prove myself,” he concluded.

Josh Recently Spoke About His Elimination Win & Why It Was So Important

He also opened up about his elimination win and why it was an important moment to have that first win in four seasons. He said he’d become his own worst enemy and had been doubting himself because of past losses. However, he said he had a good mindset going into elimination and remained calm, which helped him perform well.

Josh also said the second half of the elimination was edited to make it appear longer and more difficult but that he was sure he finished it in about five minutes. He explained that the longest part was figuring out how to throw the medicine balls since they were much heavier than expected. He said, “I’m not gonna lie, they were like 50-, 70-pound medicine balls. So trying to throw them overhand was not the move.”

Josh was the fifth and final guy to win a gold skull and become eligible to run the final challenge, but the remaining male competitors will be trying to steal a skull and may target him.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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