Josh Martinez Addresses Fight With Ashley Mitchell That Led to Her DQ

Josh Martinez Ashley Mitchell

MTV Ashley Mitchell and Josh Martinez in their 'Double Agents' cast photos.

Ashley Mitchell’s disqualification from “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” has been a major talking point in the last week as the show didn’t reveal the rule she broke and it wasn’t shown on camera. A couple of cast members have revealed now that her removal came after an altercation with Josh Martinez, including Nelson Thomas, who said Ashley “unfortunately crossed the line.”

Josh himself has now briefly addressed the situation during an interview with Entertainment Weekly, telling the outlet, “It’s something that I don’t want to give my energy or attention to. What I am going to say is the only people that know the truth is the cast that was there at that point in the game and production. So we’re the only ones that know the reality of that situation. It’s unfortunate what happened.” He added:

For that person to leave that way, it is unfortunate. I send light and love to the situation. I wish her all the best. There’s a whole narrative going around, and I just don’t want to give my energy to it and just focus on the blessing that being part of The Challenge is for me. I just wish the best to her.

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Josh Previously Commented on a Video of Ashley Discussing the Incident Where She Said He’d Been Harassing Her

Ashley discussed the incident in a video (saved here), where she said, “I was drunk from the night before, someone was basically harassing me all morning long. I flipped, said some f***** up s***. It was not as bad as anything that you might see on the internet, it’s honestly… I thought not a reason to get kicked off for, it wasn’t a slur.”

In her video, she explained that they had been drinking the night before and it was one of the first nights in a while they’d had alcohol so when she woke up the next day, she was still drunk. “Josh was following me around, well harassing me and coming at me telling me I should put myself in, I didn’t deserve to be there, I was drunk as a skunk still and pretty much flipped out and said some things I shouldn’t have.”

Ashley previously said she respected the show and TJ Lavin’s decision to remove her and has been focusing on herself and taking “anger management” since then. However, in her video, she added that she didn’t say anything “derogatory, no slurs, nothing racial or anything like that.”

The clip was shared to a “Challenge” spoiler account and Josh commented on it, “Harassing? Waiting on MTV to give me the green light to say my piece because this is bulls***.” He said, “I wished they would have aired it because now all the hate I’m getting for this s*** is awful and I really [wasn’t] in the wrong.”

Devin Said Ashley Was Removed for More Than Just 1 Comment & It Was the Right Decision

Devin Walker recently commented on the situation during a “Challenge Mania” podcast appearance and said the decision to remove Ashley was taken at a very high level. “I have not, and no one else has that I know of, been muzzled by this,” he said.

I am choosing not to discuss exactly what happened because it involves multiple parties and out of respect for all of those parties, I who wasn’t involved in this situation, am not going to put their business out there, I would expect the same respect from them.

He said he understood that people would be upset for not knowing all the facts of the situation but in this case, he believed her removal was the right decision. “From the beginning of the season, I noticed something a little off with Ashley and I think it probably would have been good for her to maybe take a break or just to relax. I don’t know what’s going on in her personal life,” the “Are You the One?” star told host Scott Yager.

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