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Last week’s episode of The Challenge: Double Agents saw the final gold skull for the men won in elimination by Josh Martinez, who defeated Mechie Harris in “Asset Destruction.” Although it did not make the final edit, the Big Brother alum recently shared that fellow Double Agents star Devin Walker had been trash talking him the entire elimination.

In an interview with ET Canada, Josh said, “they cut Devin literally talking s*** to me the whole elimination. Like when I tell Devin afterward I’m like, ‘hall brawl next’ it’s cause Devin was going in. I mean, that’s what he’s good at, the guy runs his mouth. But he was going in the whole elimination trying to throw me off, talking s***, throwing my record out there.”

He also opened up about his win and why it was such a big moment for him, his first win in four seasons. He said it felt “so good” because he was his own biggest enemy and doubted himself a lot after his previous losses. However, he said he’d become comfortable going into elimination and stayed calm instead of panicking.

He said the second part of the elimination was stretched out in the edit and thought it was actually over in about five minutes. He said what took him some time at first was gauging how heavy the medicine balls were. He explained, “I’m not gonna lie, they were like 50-, 70-pound medicine balls. So trying to throw them overhand was not the move.”

The full interview is available here:

Josh Martinez On First Elimination Win On 'The Challenge', Missing Out On 'Big Brother All-Stars'"Big Brother" season 19 winner, Josh Martinez, discusses his first elimination win on "The Challenge", why he missed out on "Big Brother All-Stars" and more in this extended interview. #TheChallenge36 #BigBrother #BBCAN9 SUBSCRIBE to our channel: FOLLOW us here: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

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CT Previously Said He’d Like to Try to Steal Josh’s Gold Skull Rather Than the Other Competitors’ Skulls

Josh may have difficulty holding onto his gold skull because a lot of the guys remaining in Double Agents who do not have one have been eyeing his skull to steal. In an appearance on The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath, Chris “CT” Tamburello said he wanted to go against Josh to get his skull. Leroy Garrett added, “I think for those who didn’t have gold skulls, when they [saw] Josh win a skull, they still were like, ‘ok you’re just gonna hold that for us,’” and CT agreed, “Yup.”

Leroy then laughed and said, “CT wanted him bad. CT called him the goof.” Kam Williams laughed and quoted him, “‘Give me the goof!’” CT laughed. Host Devyn Simone also asked CT what his plan was to get a gold skull and which guy’s skull he had his eye on and CT replied, “I mean… yeah, I’ll take the goof.”

“You know, I think even though he’s really big and he’s really strong, I think overall it would be more beneficial for me to go after him and take him out,” CT continued.

Josh Won the Elimination, His 1st in 4 Seasons, & Won the Final Gold Skull Available for the Guys

Mechie Fumbles In The Crater Against Josh 🔥 The Challenge: Double AgentsMechie may have gotten the short end of the stick heading down into the crater against his will to face Josh who was able to defeat Mechie and snag up the final gold skull. 🔥 #TheChallenge #MTV Subscribe to The Challenge: After the chaos of total madness, The Challenge: Double Agents returns the series…2021-02-06T17:00:19Z

Josh and his partner Nany Gonzalez were chosen to go into the Crater by the double agents Kam and Kyle Christie to face the team that was voted in by the house, Mechie and his partner Amber Martinez. However, TJ Lavin announced that it would be a male elimination day, so Josh and Mechie had to face off in “Asset Destruction,” the same elimination from earlier this season except with a puzzle added to the start.

Mechie struggled with the puzzle and the Big Brother star got his first elimination win in four seasons. His gold skull was the final skull available for the men and now the remaining male Double Agents competitors will have to try to steal a skull. Only five men and five women who have gold skulls are eligible to run the final challenge.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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