Kam Williams Reveals Her Thoughts About Leroy Garrett’s Game on ‘Double Agents’

Leroy and Kam

MTV Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett

Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett have been dominating the current season of The Challenge: Double Agents, with both of them involved in major moves in the house and paired up with strong competitors. Recently, Kam and Leroy also won their gold skulls in elimination, making them eligible to run the final challenge if they can defend their skulls.

Kam recently said that she believes this season, Leroy’s 12th and final season on the show, has been his best. She made the comments in a recent recap video after she won her gold skull and said in a side note, “I really do think that you’re one of the best Challengers when you’re not being lazy and when you really get up every day and put in the work.”

She said although she’s only competed in a few seasons with him, she said she thinks this current season is his “best game.” She said, “you were putting in that work. I’ve never seen you play the game like this.” She said usually he just stays in the back seat and just lets his alliances do most of the work and strategizing, but this season, “this man took the lead and it just felt so good just seeing you do that, seeing you believe in yourself.”

Time will tell if Leroy’s “best game” will translate into a victory on the show, but he does have his gold skull so far, which means he’s qualified to run the final challenge.

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Kam & Leroy Won Their Gold Skulls in Back-to-Back Episodes & Are Both Eligible to Run a Final

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Kam and Leroy recently won their gold skulls on Double Agents in back-to-back episodes and they are now both eligible to run the final challenge if they can hang on to their skulls until then. Kam was blindsided in the sixth episode when the double agents Theresa Jones and Jay Starrett chose her to go into the elimination against the house’s vote, Ashley Mitchell. Kam ended up winning the elimination “Dead Ringer,” sending Ashley home and earning herself a gold skull.

The following week, Leroy and his partner Kaycee Clark won the daily challenge and became the double agents. Leroy decided to throw himself in against Jay to avenge Kam following the blindside. In the elimination “Fire Escape,” Leroy powered through to defeat Jay and got his own god skull. Both Challenge stars are now eligible to run the final.

Leroy Announced That ‘Double Agents’ Would Be His Final Season Before Retiring From the Show

Before the Double Agents season started, Leroy revealed that he would be retiring after this season regardless of the result. In a promo video for the 36th season, Leroy said, “Coming into this game, I need to make very smart power moves that may upset some other people. Seasons before, I always thought about other people’s feelings, this season I really don’t care because this is my last and final season and I really want to get this win.”

The Challenge vet has been on 12 seasons but he is now looking to focus on his life outside of reality TV, having just opened his own barbershop earlier this year. In the fall of 2020, Kam and Leroy took a major step in their relationship and moved to Houston together. Kam did not make the same retirement announcement from The Challenge as Leroy so fans may continue to see her return for future seasons without her boyfriend.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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