Big Brother Winner Fuels Breakup Rumors on Social Media [LOOK]

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Getty A couple holding hands

In the last few days, fans have been speculating that Challenge star and Big Brother winner Kaycee Clark has split from her girlfriend Tayler Jiminez. Neither Kaycee nor Tayler has publicly addressed the situation, but fans were quick to notice that both of them have stopped following the other on social media and removed all photos of each other from their profiles.

One fan of the show shared a screenshot of a recent Instagram post by Tayler and referred to Tayler as Kaycee’s ex. One fan asked her when they broke up and the fan replied, “They don’t follow each other & all of their pictures together are gone so …” One fan wrote, “kaycee from the challenge & her gf supposedly broke up.” Another said, “Kaycee and her GF unfollowed each other and deleted pictures. Looks like she’ll be trying to get a storyline by trying to hook up with all the girls now!”

The rumors are purely speculation at this point since neither Kaycee nor Tayler has spoken about their relationship publicly. On March 23, Tayler posted a photo of herself on Instagram and wrote, “People will always have an opinion in your life. That is why you have to be confident enough to make your own decisions.”

Kaycee Clark

InstagramKaycee no longer follows Tayler on Instagram

On the same day, Kaycee posted a photo and wrote, “Go ahead, underestimate me. You won’t be the first… You won’t be the last… But you will be wrong. Thank you to every single person that has believed in me.”

Tayler Jiminez Kaycee Clark

InstagramTayler no longer follows Kaycee on Instagram

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Kaycee & Tayler Met 3 Years Ago & Began Dating Shortly After Kaycee’s ‘Big Brother’ Season

Kaycee and Tayler, a model, have known each other for just under three years now and the two became friends before Kaycee went on Big Brother 20. Soon after the reality TV season aired, the friends became an official couple. Kaycee posted on Instagram that she met Tayler in April 2018 and said she was immediately drawn to “how much of a sweet, caring, selfless, smart, beautiful, outgoing, and funny Woman you are.”

On International Lesbian Day on October 8, Kaycee posted a photo of her and Tayler kissing in honor of the day and the following month she shared a video showing her and Tayler’s love story and journey as a couple. In the caption, Kaycee wrote, “The best way to enjoy life is by creating a never ending story with the person you love most! Everyday is a new adventure and a new chapter in our story. Even when we’re apart our #LoveisUnstoppable. I’ll never stop falling in love with you.”

Both of those posts and others featuring the two together have now been removed from her profile.

The 2 Had a Rough Patch After Kaycee Flirted With Nany on Total Madness

Last year, the couple went through a difficult period in their relationship after an episode of The Challenge: Total Madness aired showing Kaycee and costar Nany Gonzalez getting close. During the episode, Bayleigh Dayton, another Big Brother alum, said she’d be telling Tayler about Kaycee’s actions.

According to Inquisitr, when the episode aired, Bayleigh tweeted that she did not end up telling Tayler. Tayler then replied to Bayleigh’s tweet and wrote, “I would’ve appreciated that call more than anything actually. You were the only other person I had out there but what’s done is done. We have much to talk about just you and I and off of social media.”

Kaycee also addressed the drama and said in an Instagram Live that she knows Tayler didn’t feel good seeing what happened and added, “if I were in Tayler’s shoes, and I’d seen what I’ve seen on tonight’s show, I would feel some type of way too. I love my girlfriend, I really, really do. And there’s no one that would ever take that position.”

The two stayed together despite that difficult period and Tayler later posted her support of her girlfriend after she made the final on Total Madness and placed second. She wrote, “A final on your rookie season and not only did you push yourself to the ultimate limit, but you crossed that damn finish line baby! I am so proud of you for doing the damn thing and showing everyone what a bad a** you truly are. I couldn’t be more amazed by you!”

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