Is Kaycee Clark Still Dating Her Model Girlfriend?

Tayler Jiminez Kaycee Clark

Instagram Tayler Jiminez and Kaycee Clark

Kaycee Clark made a huge impact on her first season of The Challenge, last spring’s Total Madness, making it to the final as a rookie. However, Clark’s season was also marked by her flirtation and friendship with fellow contestant Nany Gonzalez, despite Clark having a serious girlfriend back home, model Tayler Jiminez. With the new season around the corner and Clark returning for another shot at winning the show, fans will be wondering if she is still with her girlfriend?

Luckily for fans of the couple, Clark and Jiminez are still very much together. On October 8, Clark posted a photo of the two kissing in honor of International Lesbian Day. More recently, she published a sponsored post showcasing her “Love is Unstoppable” story on November 9, which was a video featuring Clark and Jiminez’s journey as a couple.

Clark captioned it, “The best way to enjoy life is by creating a never ending story with the person you love most! Everyday is a new adventure and a new chapter in our story. Even when we’re apart our #LoveisUnstoppable. I’ll never stop falling in love with you.”

Clark Apologized Publicly for Her Flirtation With Gonzalez & Said Jiminez Wasn’t Happy About the Situation

Jiminez spoke up about the episode on Twitter after an episode of Total Madness aired showing a lot of physical contact between Clark and Gonzalez. During that episode, contestant Bayleigh Dayton, another Big Brother alum, said she would be telling Jiminez what went down on The Challenge. However, when the episode aired, Dayton was quick to tweet that she never did go through with her threat, according to Inquisitr.

Jiminez responded to Dayton’s tweet and said, “I would’ve appreciated that call more than anything actually. You were the only other person I had out there but what’s done is done. We have much to talk about just you and I and off of social media,” the outlet reported.

In a lengthy Instagram Live on June 24, Clark said, “I know Tayler, seeing all this, doesn’t make her feel good. And I know if I were in Tayler’s shoes, and I’d seen what I’ve seen on tonight’s show, I would feel some type of way too. I love my girlfriend, I really, really do. And there’s no one that would ever take that position.”

Then, two days later, Clark posted on Instagram to reiterate that she isn’t perfect but was taking full responsibility for her actions on the show and added that she was “beyond disappointed” in herself. She added that she learned from what happened on the show and would not be making the same mistake again.

Jiminez Posted a Message Praising Her Girlfriend After Clark Made the Final on Her Rookie Season

Despite the rocky moment surrounding that drama, Jiminez was completely supportive of her girlfriend after the season finale aired on July 15, writing on Instagram, “A final on your rookie season and not only did you push yourself to the ultimate limit, but you crossed that damn finish line baby! I am so proud of you for doing the damn thing and showing everyone what a bad a** you truly are. I couldn’t be more amazed by you!”

Jiminez and Clark have been dating for a couple of years now and were friends prior to the reality star going on Big Brother 20. Soon after the season aired, they began dating officially. One of Clark’s Instagram posts indicated that she met the model Jiminez in April 2018 and she was immediately drawn to “how much of a sweet, caring, selfless, smart, beautiful, outgoing, and funny Woman you are.”

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