‘The Challenge’ Star Slammed by Ex-Girlfriend in Texts: ‘Go Date That B****’

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Two-time “The Challenge” finalist Kaycee Clark has managed to stay out of most of the drama on her two seasons of the show so far but now she’s just been put on blast on social media by her ex-girlfriend Tayler Jiminez, a few months after fans speculated that the two had broken up.

Kaycee’s only real drama on the show came on “Total Madness,” her rookie season, where she got close to Nany Gonzalez despite being in a relationship with Tayler at the time. While the couple patched things up after the show and the drama wasn’t brought up again on “Double Agents,” Tayler’s recent call-out on social media seemed to indicate that Kaycee’s friendship with Nany may have had a negative impact on their relationship.

Kaycee initially issued a public apology in July 2020 after a “Total Madness” episode aired showing her and Nany getting really close and said, “I love my girlfriend, I really, really do. And there’s no one that would ever take that position.” However, Kaycee and Tayler’s relationship didn’t last as the two appeared to call it quits in March 2021.

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Kaycee & Tayler Appeared to Breakup in the Spring of 2021 as They Stopped Following Each Other on Social Media & Deleted Their Pictures Together

Kaycee and Tayler never publicly announced their breakup but fans speculated that the two had split sometime in mid-March as both of them stopped following each other on social media and also removed all the photos of each other on their profiles.

On March 23, Tayler shared a photo of herself with the caption, “People will always have an opinion in your life. That is why you have to be confident enough to make your own decisions.”

Kaycee and Tayler met in April 2018 and became friends before Kaycee appeared on “Big Brother 20,” which she went on to win. Soon after the season aired, they began dating officially, with Kaycee describing her girlfriend as a “sweet, caring, selfless, smart, beautiful, outgoing, and funny Woman.”

This Week, Tayler Posted Her Private Text Conversation With Kaycee on Twitter in Which She Told Her to ‘Date That B****’

Kaycee Clark Tayler Jiminez

TwitterTayler Jiminez’s Twitter Fleet.

This week, Nany posted a video to her Instagram Story that appeared to show her and Kaycee hanging out and soon after, Tayler took to Twitter to share some screenshots of a conversation with Kaycee she had back on March 17. In the conversation, Tayler told Kaycee, “You made me look like an idiot on national television with the same b**** who was ‘there for you.’ I hope that b**** takes care of all your s*** since she’s so there for you.”

Kaycee replied to Tayler’s angry messages, asking her to “come back” and apologizing for her actions, writing, “I know you will never forgive me and I am sorry.” Tayler replied to Kaycee, “Bye. Go date that b**** now. I’m done with you. I’m so disappointed in you.” At the time, Kaycee replied that she wasn’t going to date her and didn’t want to date anyone else, and Tayler captioned the screenshot, “Liars lie.”

In another Fleet on Twitter, Tayler provided more context to the screenshots she’d shared, writing that the exchange is from this year “when I found out she was STILL lying.” She wrote, “that’s when I finally made the decision to walk away. I’m not going to beg anyone to see me as the first option.”

She also explained that “when you love someone you believe when they say they’ll be/do better. Especially when you’ve been talking about marriage and children in your 2 year plan as a couple.” Here is that post:

Kaycee Clark Tayler Jiminez

TwitterTayler Jiminez’s Twitter Fleet.

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