‘The Challenge’ Star Blasts Castmates as ‘Mean Girls’

TJ Lavin

MTV TJ Lavin on 'The Challenge: All Stars 3'

Five episodes of “The Challenge: All Stars” season 3 have now dropped on Paramount+ and the first half of the season showed one clear dominating alliance on the women’s side of the competition. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the first five episodes of “All Stars 3” airing now on Paramount+.

There is a clear divide in the house, with most of the women on one side in the Treehouse alliance, while KellyAnne Judd and Kendal Sheppard were on the other side until Kendal’s elimination at the hands of Beth Stolarczyk. The Treehouse alliance consists of Kailah Casillas, Sylvia Elsrode, Veronica Portillo and Roni Chance, as well as Tina Bridges and Jemmye Carroll before their exits from the show. Derrick Kosinski is also a member of the alliance as he is staying in the same room as the women.

KellyAnne recently addressed the alliance on the “Challenge Mania” podcast with Scott Yager and Derrick and threw some shade toward the Treehouse alliance. KellyAnne and Derrick shared with fans that there was an email leak before the show that had all the cast members listed in the “CC” field of an email instead of “BCC,” allowing all the competitors to know in advance who else would be there. They said the leak helped some cast members and hurt others as they were able to start pre-gaming in advance.

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KellyAnne Said Kailah Wanted to Work With Her Until Sylvia Joined the Season & Called Them ‘Mean Girls’

During her chat with Derrick and Scott, KellyAnne said that after the leak, “Kailah contacted me to see if we could work together before the show started, and she didn’t know anybody. She didn’t know Sylvia [Elsrode] was going to be there. I felt bad for her, and I was like, ‘Of course.'”

However, KellyAnne said once Sylvia was bumped from the alternates list into the full cast, Kailah dropped her pre-season alliance and Kailah and Sylvia began to target KellyAnne and Kendal. The “Real World: Sydney” star also threw some shade toward the Treehouse alliance, saying, “Let’s be honest, all the mean girls of the past seasons were in that room” and said the Treehouse room had a “mean girl energy.”

She said Roni wasn’t part of the negative energy but that others were, asking Derrick, “Do you remember when Sylvia, from the beginning, she was like, ‘I’m putting her in. She’s a b****,’ and she’d talk s*** every time she was drunk about me openly and loudly. And every time I walked in the room, they would roll their eyes and look away, Sylvia and Kailah.” She added:

I kept trying to be their friend. It like brought back memories of when I was a little girl and my sister like I wanted to be her friend so badly, but like I wasn’t cool enough… I just felt like I was like the little sister, even though I’m older than them and a bigger vet than they are.

Veronica Hit Back at Claims From Fans That They Were Acting Like ‘Mean Girls’

Veronica defended criticisms from fans who also shared that they felt “mean girl” vibes from the Treehouse alliance. On May 27, Veronica tweeted, “Actually, Jemmye, Kailah, Sylvia, & myself had a conversation on night 1 about playing the game together.” She said she made it clear that she was a package deal with Tina.

She wrote, “I gravitated towards them bc 1, we were in the same room; 2, we had already come to an agreement; 3, we have history together; & 4, I actually enjoyed them.” Veronica then clapped back at the mean girls label, writing, “I’m so sick of confident girls being labeled as b****** & a group of confident girls being labeled as ‘Mean Girls.'”

Veronica said that Kendal and KellyAnne also said negative things about Sylvia and Kailah during filming but their vibes made them come off as “victims of the ‘Mean Girls.'” She concluded, “It’s BS.”

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