‘The Challenge’ Champ Said They Tested Positive for COVID-19 While Filming

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“The Challenge: All Stars” season two lost two of its competitors without them seeing an elimination in back-to-back episodes. First, viewers saw Kendal Sheppard leave the competition shortly after she had a hard fall during a challenge and the following week, Casey Cooper went home after learning she was pregnant.

However, Kendal recently opened up about her departure and said she wasn’t disqualified because of an injury she picked up, but that she actually tested positive for COVID-19. During the seventh episode, Kendal had a hard fall into the water during the challenge with her partner Laterrian Wallace.

She later told some of her roommates that her ribs felt out of place and she was having trouble taking deep breaths. In a confessional, she revealed, “I have a connective tissue disorder. I dislocate joints frequently, and my ribs get displaced, which makes me concerned that maybe there’s a bigger issue.” She ended up going to the hospital to get checked out and didn’t return to the house.

At the elimination, TJ Lavin told the remaining cast members that Kendal wouldn’t be able to rejoin them and was disqualified from the game.

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Kendal Tweeted About Her Departure & Said She Actually Tested Positive for COVID-19

The week after her exit from the show, Kendal tweeted while watching the episode that she wished she could still be competing. “I started watching today’s episode of #thechallengeallstars2 &was all into it until I saw that big truck-how fun!” she wrote.

Jealousy set in& it all came rushing back. While they were out there doing cool stuff, I was in my hotel room w COVID praying for a miracle to get me back in the game.

Someone asked if she ended up getting sent home because of COVID-19 and not an injury and Kendal replied simply, “Yes.” She also added that she was the only cast member who tested positive. “It was actually medically disqualified due to COVID, not my injuries.” She said the fact she had trouble breathing “was at least partly due to covid.”

After Casey’s exit due to her pregnancy, Kendal said she could have taken Casey’s spot to allow Cohutta to stay in the game. “I mean.. I was a day or two away from being ready,” she tweeted. “I told production.. [put me in coach].”

Kendal Also Spoke About Her Condition, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, & Thanked Fans for Reaching Out

Kendal has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), which she spoke about on Twitter as fans asked her more questions about her disqualification and her injury. She did say that her injury was real despite the elimination being due to COVID-19: “I WAS injured but because of my EDS I deal with subluxations/partial subluxation frequently.”

After the episode, she thanked the “Zebras” who also suffer from EDS that messaged her: “I see you& feel your struggle. Living w #EhlersDanlosSyndrome can be lonely at times- I argue w my Dr’s weekly- but it’s important to keep sharing your story!” She added:

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