‘The Challenge’ Champ Says Production Decision Was ‘Incredibly Disheartening’

The Challenge All Stars reunion

YouTube The Challenge: All Stars reunion

The tenth and final episode of “The Challenge: All Stars,” the reunion, was released on Paramount Plus on Thursday, June 3, and it soon had fans commenting on social media about a key omission in the reunion cast. Kendal Sheppard, who won two eliminations and daily challenges and was frequently targeted and talked about on the show, was notably absent at the reunion.

The entire first segment of the reunion was centered on Kendal and her co-star Kellyanne Judd was seen coming to her defense, but fans were questioning why Kendal wasn’t there to defend herself. After it aired, Kendal revealed that she actually wasn’t even invited to be at the reunion.

She even told a fan that she offered to join through Zoom. Reality TV star Angela Babicz slammed the decision: “Not having @KendalSheppard at #TheChallengeAllStars reunion was a missed opportunity considering she was the topic of conversation for the first 10 mins.”

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Kendal Said It Was ‘Incredibly Disheartening’ to Not Be Invited to the Reunion

In an interview with Us Weekly, Kendal said, “It was incredibly disheartening not to be invited.” The “Inferno” winner had been targeted on the show from the beginning and went into elimination three times, winning twice before getting sent home right before the final. After her elimination, she told the outlet she felt isolated from the group:

[Some thought] I was trying to isolate myself from everyone, like, maybe I didn’t like anybody or something [and was] just trying to stay away from people when I felt like I wasn’t really received well and I kind of retreat in conflict. It sort of became this cycle of me isolating because I didn’t feel welcome, but then me isolating made me not welcome.

Kendal also replied to “The Challenge’s” tweet about the reunion segment which labeled her move during the trivia challenge as a “forfeit.” She wrote, “I’m sorry, what? A forfeit?!?”

Kellyanne Defended Kendal During the Reunion as She Was Criticized By Various Cast Members

During the reunion, several cast members criticized Kendal, including Jemmye Carroll and Jisela Delgado, namely for her failure to fall from the platform during the trivia challenge. Jisela accused Kendal of getting “scatterbrained when she gets nervous” which was why she voted for her since she thought she couldn’t rely on Kendal.

Jemmye said her “issue” with Kendal was that the “Inferno” star watched the show for years and had a “Twitter campaign to get back on the show” but arrived on set and “acted like she didn’t know what to expect.” As Kellyanne replied to the two women and said it’s easy to draw a blank when on the show, Eric “Big Easy” Banks chimed in and said it sounded like Kendal asked her to defend her at the reunion.

That being said, later in the reunion, Jisela revealed that she’d prefer to work with Kendal than Aneesa Ferreira on a future “Challenge” and said the two could work together until the end. One fan replied to Jemmye’s comment and said, “Jemmye, if you’re going to use @KendalSheppard campaigning on Twitter to get back on the show against her, then how about we use you saying on Twitter that you were retiring from tv for good against you.”

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