Kyle Christie Reveals He Cried on the Show: ‘Worst Day in Challenge History’

Kyle Christie

MTV Kyle Christie

It’s safe to say Kyle Christie had a rollercoaster episode last week on “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies.” Although he performed really well on the mission in the 11th episode, he didn’t completely follow the guidelines and his result was invalidated, costing his team the win, with which came security, control of the game, $3,000 per team member and P3 protein snacks.

Kyle managed to avoid getting nominated by the Agency to go into elimination but the person they ultimately chose, Ed Eason, decided to call Kyle down to the Lair anyway, thinking he was his best option to win and stay in the game. Kyle and Ed battled in the classic Pole Wrestle elimination and despite getting slammed into the ground repeatedly, the British reality star managed to weather the storm and defeated Ed in two rounds.

After the episode aired, Kyle opened up about the episode, his bungle in the mission and his elimination win on “MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast,” where he revealed that he was heartbroken over what happened.

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Kyle Revealed That He Was So Upset About What Happened & Called It His ‘Worst Day’ on the Show

On “MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast,” Kyle spoke about what happened in the mission. He joked that he actually did better than everyone else because he jumped onto the last beam, which was more difficult than just grabbing a plug. That being said, he told Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira, “I freaked out” and thought he could jump onto the beam to make sure he grabbed a plug before leaping off. He explained:

I was heartbroken, not because we didn’t win, and it wasn’t because we weren’t in the Agency. I was more concerned about $3,000, especially with like Big T [Fazakerley] on my team, Emy [Alupei], who like, these newbie people that need that money. That’s what I was heartbroken about.

He told the co-hosts, “I don’t think it showed it, but I was crying at the end of it. Cory [Wharton] really pulled me out of it. I was like crying. I was so heartbroken. Worst day on ‘The Challenge’ ever.” Kyle also addressed that moment on “The Challenge Aftermath,” telling host Devyn Simone, “I screwed up and I felt so bad and it wasn’t that I felt bad for the win, like I did feel bad for that but it was more, I felt bad about the $3,000. Made me feel like s***.”

He added, “I felt terrible, that was probably the worst day I had in ‘Challenge’ history ever.” Cory said he could tell Kyle was upset and he told him not to worry about it because he knew Kyle didn’t mess up the mission on purpose.

Kyle Explained Why He Chose to Infiltrate Team Sapphire and Not Emerald

When TJ Lavin asked Kyle what he wanted to do after winning the elimination, Kyle replied that his grandfather told him on his deathbed, “If you ever get the chance to leave Ruby and follow CT over at Sapphire, do it!” Not only was Kyle’s decision hilariously put, it was also very confusing as he’d spent the last episode telling everyone he wanted to be on team Emerald.

During the same podcast appearance, Kyle spoke about his decision to pick Sapphire, telling Tori, “I did think about coming to Emerald, but I didn’t want to mess up what you had going on, to be honest… You were one of my number ones in there, Tori. Devin was as well. I liked you two on that team because I knew as long as you and Devin were on that team, I’m completely safe.”

Kyle explained that if he joined Emerald and Ruby won, he would be the one picked to go in, whereas if he went to Sapphire, they would have other targets. “I don’t look towards winning,” he joked. “I look towards safety. I’m like a cockroach after a nuclear bomb goes off. I just want to survive.”

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