‘The Challenge’ Competitor Said She First Felt Like ‘Deer in Headlights’

The Challenge All Stars 2

MTV The Challenge All Stars 2 cast

The second episode of “The Challenge: All Stars” season two saw the first two returning OGs get eliminated from the game in what turned out to be a very emotional elimination. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the second episode of “The Challenge: All Stars” season two, which dropped on Paramount Plus on November 18.

Leah Gillingwater and Derek Chavez were both voted into the arena by the house out of the two options chosen by the challenge winners and the two lost their individual matchups. Derek was sent home by Nehemiah Clark and previously opened up about his battle in elimination and his reason for competing.

Leah also addressed her departure from the show and opened up about how happy she was to have returned to compete. The 41-year-old’s original season was “The Real World: Paris” and competed in only one “Challenge” season, “The Inferno,” which aired in 2004 nearly two decades ago.

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After Her Elimination, Leah Spoke About Her Brief Time on the Show & Hinted That She Would Be Open to Return

In an Instagram post after her elimination, Leah wrote, “Well…it was fun while it lasted! … I am still in awe that I was given the opportunity to do this all over again. I still can’t believe I went back after almost 20 years!”

She gave a shout-out to Derek who had an emotional episode speaking about the death of his sister right before filming and then wrote, “I am so lucky to have competed against @ayannasuperhero and so grateful for her motivation and encouragement that day. She went above and beyond to make sure I finished that elimination (it was not easy, she killed it).”

She also addressed her return to the show after such a long break, writing that she felt like a “deer in headlights with minimal connections” at first but by the time she left she loved everyone. “Almost everyone,” she added with a wink. She thanked the fans and the network for supporting her and indicated that she would be interested in returning. “I promise if given the opportunity again to come back, I’ll be prepared to PULL mountains for you all. No weight will be a limit!”

Leah previously spoke about how difficult it was to join the cast having so few connections with the other OGs. “I didn’t have relationships in the house and that is what completely went against me,” Leah told Us Weekly’s “Watch With Us” podcast before the season premiered. “Everyone knew each other, and I couldn’t chime into conversations with them. I was a bit of an outcast.”

Leah Previously Revealed That Kendal Sheppard Convinced Her to Return & Spoke About Her ‘Inferno’ Elimination

In her interview with Us Weekly, Leah also revealed that Kendal Sheppard was the one who convinced her to return. Her “Inferno” co-star originally told her she should join the first season of the spinoff show but Leah said she wasn’t interested. “I was like, ‘Absolutely not,’ because I had a lot of things that were difficult to deal with,” she said. However, after seeing Kendal on the season, the mother of one decided to return for the second season.

Leah added, “I am extremely fit. I am very strong. I wanted to make, like, a physical comeback because C.T. [Tamburello] shamed me and kinda verbally beat the s*** out of me [on ‘Inferno’].” CT and Leah first clashed on their season of “The Real World: Paris” and the bad blood spilled over on “The Inferno,” where Leah was sent home during an elimination that saw CT yelling negative comments at her.

She said she doesn’t regret telling him to “shut the f*** up” at the time but said she doesn’t have “bad blood.” She told Us Weekly, “I don’t know how I would feel about seeing him. I would come in with open arms but he was verbally not kind at all. That resonates with me. … He’s a character, I suppose, in some ways. I don’t think that he would come up warmly and be like, ‘Hey, Le, I’m really sorry.’ I don’t think he would do that. I mean, he should.” She added:

If I saw him in person, I would hope that he would be … loving and kind. During that elimination with Kendal, he was motherf****** brutal and that was, like, so f****** mean. I would never cut [someone] down verbally that way. I would never do that. I don’t believe in that.

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