Leroy Garrett Reveals Why He Voted Himself Into Elimination With Aneesa Ferreira

Leroy Garrett and Aneesa Ferreira

MTV Aneesa Ferreira and Leroy Garrett

Fans of The Challenge were shocked after the fifth episode showed both Leroy Garrett and Kam Williams voting for Leroy and his then-partner Aneesa Ferreira to go into elimination and many took it to mean that Leroy was potentially trying to change his partner. The real-life couple didn’t provide much by way of explanation after the episode aired.

After the next episode aired on January 20, however, the two revealed why they made that move and it had to do with Theresa Jones’ plans to try to throw Kam into elimination. During Kam and Leroy’s video recap of the sixth episode, the couple said that Theresa was trying to eliminate strong girls and would have gladly thrown Kam in the week before as the house vote.

Kam and Leroy said that while the majority of the house was trying to send in Aneesa to face Tori Deal in elimination, they believed that if the house vote had been Tori instead of Aneesa, double agents Tula “Big T” and Chris “CT” Tamburello would have put Kam in to face Tori instead.

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Kam & Leroy Explained That He Voted Himself In Because If Tori Became the House Vote, Kam Would Have Been Sent In

At the start of the last episode, Theresa could be heard saying she had an idea that Aneesa may go in but she wasn’t sure. However, at the beginning of Kam and Leroy’s recap, Kam said Theresa actually helped orchestrate the Aneesa vs. Tori elimination. She said, “[Theresa] definitely wanted to put two strong people against each other, she’d been wanting to put me in which is a huge part of the reason why we ended up voting for Aneesa.”

Kam went on to explain that Theresa was a major influence on the rookie alliance and had a lot of say in that group. That’s why, Kam said, “if Tori would have been the house vote, I would have been going in against Tori.” She said, “I’m happy that I can finally say that now and for things to make sense. That’s really the real reason why we had to vote for Aneesa.”

Kam later said that while they did vote for Aneesa, once she won the elimination against Tori, the two entered into an alliance together because that’s when they started seeing Theresa’s real game.

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The reasoning behind this decision was also provided in MTV’s “Votes Declassified” clip from last episode. While casting his vote, Leroy mentioned why he was voting for himself and said, “Aneesa and Leroy, you’ve been compromised. I’m burning on myself because I’m trying to save Kam from going into an elimination round against Tori.”

When casting her own vote for Leroy and Aneesa, Kam said, “Ugh, I can’t believe I’m compromising these agents. I’m hoping that it’s a girls’ day. I’m putting trust in somebody else besides Leroy. I’m gonna trust my partner and his alliance, CT and Big T, that they won’t throw us in.”

Wes spoke about those votes during his episode recap while discussing how he felt that Aneesa is “not cut out” for the show. He said Leroy voting for himself and running the risk that he may go into elimination himself just so he could get rid of Aneesa as a partner is a perfect example of why he belies that Aneesa should “no longer be cast” on The Challenge.

As Leroy mentioned, however, it appears the decision was less because he wanted to change partners and more to protect Kam from going into elimination against Tori. The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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