Leroy Garrett Robbed: The Challenge Veteran Says ‘They Stole Everything’

Leroy Garrett

MTV Leroy Garrett

Leroy Garrett, Challenge veteran and Double Agents star, took to Instagram Live on January 19 to share his shock with his followers after discovering that his car had been broken into. He explained that a lot of his belongings and valuables had been taken and called his girlfriend Kam Williams during the live to share the news.

Fans could see Leroy getting upset during the video and saying he had a lot of blankets and supplies in the car that he was planning on distributing to the homeless and was giving back to the community. The clip from his Instagram Live is available here:

He also posted a shorter video to his story showing his smashed window and explaining what went missing from the car. He wrote in a text on the clip, “Someone broke into my car smh.”

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Leroy Said the Thieves Stole Everything in the Car, Including His Laptops, a Valuable Bracelet & Items They Were Going to Give to the Homeless

During the Instagram Live, Leroy said he and Kam had just gone to buy a ton of blankets for homeless people and added, “Today was supposed to be a good day.” He said, “And this is how they do me, man I’m a part of the community, they know me out here, I’m giving away backpacks.” While standing in front of his car with the window smashed, Leroy yelled, “You think you can do this to me?”

Later in the Live, Leroy video called Kam on another phone and told her, “Listen, they stole everything, the laptops and everything.” She told him to go inside and he said he had to wait for the police officers to arrive. He also said they took a Pandora bracelet that he’d gotten for her.

In the video shared to his Story, Leroy added, “Welcome to Houston, Lee.”

Leroy Moved to Houston With His Girlfriend Kam a Few Months Ago & Opened His Own Barbershop

Leroy has been making major moves in his life in the past year, announcing in the fall of 2020 that he was moving to Houston with his girlfriend Kam and then opening his own barbershop a few weeks ago. When he announced his move to Houston, he said, “It’s so crazy, I’ve never pictured myself moving out of the city Las Vegas, where I’ve lived for the last 9yrs. But I guess when you find love, anything is possible.”

On January 7, he announced that he was opening his own barber studio and his Challenge family was quick to support his big move, with Nelson Thomas, Ashley Mitchell and Devin Walker among some of the cast members to show their public support.

Before the Double Agents season premiered, Leroy announced that it would be his final season on the show and he would be retiring at the end, win or lose. In a teaser video for the season, he said, “Coming into this game, I need to make very smart power moves that may upset some other people. Seasons before, I always thought about other people’s feelings, this season I really don’t care because this is my last and final season and I really want to get this win.”

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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