Double Agents Stars in Social Media Feud: ‘You’re a Fraud & a Liar’

The Challenge Double Agents cast

MTV The Challenge: Double Agents cast during episode 3.

Three episodes of The Challenge: Double Agents have aired and there is already a lot of drama on social media involving some of the competitors. Two of the season’s rookies, Olivia “Liv” Jawando and Amber Martinez, have been trading verbal jabs with each other on social media over events that occurred on the show but did not make the final edit, specifically apparent hookups involving fellow rookie Demetrius “Mechie” Harris.

It seems that a lot of drama in episode three didn’t make the cut when it happened, but Amber shed a bit of light on her perspective of the situation during her reaction video posted after the episode. Amber said the night of Josh Martinez’s outburst toward Devin Walker, Amber, Liv and Mechie were also involved in a lot of drama.

According to Amber, Mechie was flirting with both Liv and Amber and Liv became upset after he kissed Amber. In her recap, Amber said both women confronted Mechie and he told Liv, “You’re my partner. I don’t really like you like that. I like Amber.” Amber continued, “I guess he’s told [Liv] before that he liked her, and the fact he said that in front of everybody, she got upset and she threw the water on him.”

Amber said Liv also put shampoo all over Mechie’s bed and had a massive argument with him although it wasn’t shown on the episode. After the episode, Amber and Liv both took to social media to continue the fight that wasn’t aired.

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Liv & Amber Began Trading Social Media Jabs Over Events That Occurred on the ‘Double Agents’ Season

Amber Martinez

MTVAmber Martinez

Liv and Amber got into an argument on Instagram over events that happened but weren’t shown in episode 3, “Enemy of the State,” screengrabbed by ChallengeTeaa. In her post, Liv wrote, “no I wasn’t upset that Amber and Mechie kissed – that was on the first night and we [weren’t] partnered up at that point.” She added, “Don’t act like a girls girl and go to confront a guy who was playing us both and then go and sleep with him that night, that’s the disrespect of it all.”

She then slammed Amber and said she’d confronted Amber via direct message a few weeks prior after hearing that Amber was “talking s***” about her. “She said if she had a problem she would come to me directly and not take it to social media because she’s not a clout chaser – it’s crazy what television can do to people.”

Amber was quick to respond and said, “You’re saying I’m not a ‘girls girl’ meanwhile I was defending A GIRL even after you talked s*** about me to YOUR ROOMMATES & YOUR PARTNER (And yes they told me everything you said.) Even said you would make faces behind my back when I wasn’t looking.”

The conversation then escalated as Liv replied and slammed Amber, saying in part, “You did sleep with him that night but because it’s not been shown you can try and twist it, you’ve been talking s*** for weeks about me on socials with your little indirects and I’ve not reacted but shutup man [you’re] a clout-chasing h** and everyone knows it no one cares about your life, fix up man you’re a pretty girl u don’t need to h** to be on a show.”

Amber clapped back and attacked Liv’s version of events, saying that Liv came on the show with a boyfriend but was with another guy in the bathroom. Liv denied that claim and said she didn’t have a boyfriend then proceeded to slam Amber for speaking about her personal life.

Both Liv & Amber Are on Their Rookie Seasons of ‘The Challenge’ After Coming Over From Other Reality Shows

Liv and Amber are both making their Challenge debut this season from two different reality shows. Liv, 21, is from Manchester, England, and first appeared on the U.K.’s Shipwrecked in 2019. Amber is a 25-year-old New Yorker who appeared on MTV’s Are You the One? Come One, Come All, the dating show’s first sexually fluid season. Liv paired up with Mechie on the first episode of Double Agents while Amber is paired up with veteran Nelson Thomas.

Liv recently revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage, just a few weeks after sharing that she was pregnant. On December 10, the day after The Challenge premiered on MTV, Liv posted a statement about her miscarriage on social media. She wrote, “absolutely no words for how I’m feeling right now, feels like a whole part of me has just been ripped away, what a loved little angel you always will be.”

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