‘The Challenge’ Star Fires Shot at Tori Deal & Show’s Production

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Production on the 37th season of “The Challenge” is reportedly underway, according to accounts from multiple sources, but one rookie from “The Challenge: Double Agents” just confirmed they won’t be on the 37th season of the show.

British reality star Olivia “Liv” Jawando, who was medically disqualified from “Double Agents,” announced the news on her social media. The Manchester native made her TV debut on the U.K.’s Shipwrecked in 2019 and was then cast for “Double Agents,” but unfortunately she was unable to showcase much of her abilities because of her early exit.

In revealing why she wouldn’t be on season 37, Liv took aim at both the production team for “The Challenge” and one of her “Double Agents” co-stars, Tori Deal.

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Liv Said She Wouldn’t Be Returning for Season 37 & She Thinks ‘Bad Girls Club’ Is More Appropriate for Her

In an Instagram post by the @challengeteaa spoiler account, a screenshot of Liv’s comments and Story reveals that she said, “[MTV’s The Challenge] didn’t want [me] on season 37 coz they knew I was coming to eat they favorites.”

She also explained that she was referring to Tori in another comment, where she reportedly wrote, “They don’t want to see me on season 37 coz I’ll win and they’ll all for Tori.” In another comment, Liv said, “Bad Girls Club seems like it’s more for me anyway [hit me up] MTV.”

“Bad Girls Club,” also produced by Bunim/Murray Productions, has had 17 seasons to date featuring “feisty alpha females,” according to Oxygen, but the show hasn’t seen new episodes in a few years now. Angela Babicz is the only cast member from “Bad Girls Club” who’s made the leap to “The Challenge,” appearing on “Final Reckoning.”

Liv Was Medically Disqualified From ‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ After a Matchup Against Tori

Liv came onto “The Challenge: Double Agents” with a bang but her time on the show was cut short after she sustained an injury in the third episode and was medically disqualified in the fourth episode. The injury actually occurred following a matchup against Tori as the two wrestled on top of a moving truck. After a struggle, Tori managed to push Liv off the truck and it appeared as though Liv injured her elbow landing in the safety net.

Following her elimination, “The Challenge” legend Wes Bergmann said he thought Liv was the “greatest rookie contribution I’ve seen in years,” and she was “robbed” of her opportunity, according to CheatSheet. He said she had her hands in “a ton of cookie jars” that might have “translated into incredible relevant and important stories.”

Wes didn’t elaborate on the stories involving Liv but according to fellow rookie Amber Martinez, the two had a major fight over a hookup involving another rookie, Demetrius “Mechie” Harris. Liv became upset and ended up pouring shampoo all over Mechie’s bed and threw water on him. Later in the season, Amber and Liv also traded verbal jabs on social media.

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