‘The Challenge’ Star Has Multi-Colored Eyes After Suffering Major Injury

The Challenge season 37 cast

MTV The cast of the 37th season of 'The Challenge'

This season of “The Challenge” will see a host of rookies join the franchise from other reality shows all over the world and one that caught the eye of many of the veterans was Logan Sampedro, who was the runner up on the 13th season of “Survivor Spain” as well as the 2017 “Mister Global Spain.”

As fans get a closer look at the athletic rookie, however, they might notice that Logan has some different-colored eyes, with one much darker than the other. It turns out that the “Survivor Spain” competitor actually had a scary accident a couple of years ago and nearly lost his eye.

In an introduction video for the rookies, Logan revealed that he loves contact sports and has experience in boxing and jiu-jitsu although it’s “just to protect myself, I don’t like to hit people.” Although time will tell if he’ll open up on “The Challenge” about his accident, Logan has previously shared how it happened and the long-term effects of it on his vision.

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In August 2019, Logan Was Hit in the Eye by a Drone While on Holiday & Posted About the Scary Accident

The accident happened in August 2019, although Logan didn’t initially give a lot of details on social media, sharing only a photo of himself in the hospital on that day. He wrote that he didn’t receive good news but couldn’t go into further details or spend a lot of time on his phone.

After a month, he shared that he got the final results, which were that his eye would permanently be a different color although at least he didn’t lose the eye. “S*** happens,” he concluded his post by saying:

He Since Revealed That He Suffered Some Effects on His Vision After the Drone Hit Him Directly in the Eye

Logan suffered the eye injury while on holiday in Ibiza and opened up about what happened in an interview with media outlet El Confidencial about a month and a half afterward. He said he was taking part in a paid trip to Ibiza where he was working to advertise an event and a drone that was filming some footage hit him directly in his right eye.

At the time, he said he wasn’t sure if the accident was the result of a drone failure or human error but the model and reality star was immediately rushed to the hospital in Ibiza before he was transferred to the Fernández-Vega hospital in Asturias. He said he underwent several tests and the doctors initially thought he would lose his eye but after some time he actually recovered some of his vision.

He said the long-term effects of the injury are that he has photophobia (sensitivity to light) and can’t see much out of the eye if there are bright lights. He also has a very dilated pupil and he can’t see anything that’s too close to his eye. He said he can see well if objects are at a distance and there isn’t much light but in some cases, like in a tennis match, he can’t see the ball at all.

Another effect is the physical one, which is that his eye has gone nearly black. The two following images are a comparison of his eyes before the accident and after, with the affected eye showing up much darker than before:

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