The Challenge Alum Shares Devastating News: ‘I Could Just Scream’

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Just over a month after Melinda Collins, née Stolp, announced her pregnancy with husband Matt Collins, the four-time Challenger and Real World: Austin star shared the heartbreaking news that their unborn baby had died. She wrote, “We found out our baby passed away about 3.5 weeks ago. 4 weeks ago I had a checkup and she had a strong heart and everything was going along fine… Monday I had my 20 week anatomy ultrasound and that’s when we found out she was gone.”

She said on Tuesday she had to deliver her, “endure the pain of contractions and a full delivery to my precious baby girl and then not be able to take her home with us.” She said the couple is “devastated” and “suffering” and are struggling to understand why this happened. Here is the full post:

Her costars were quick to offer their sympathies and support, with her Real World: Austin costar Wes Bergmann writing, “Omg I’m so incredibly sorry for [your] loss Melinda. Give me a call whenever you’re ready and I’ll take your mind off things and make you laugh.” Aneesa Ferreira, Leroy Garrett, Jemmye Carroll and Theresa Jones were just some of the other Challenge stars who commented on her Instagram post.

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Melinda Said She’d Had a Healthy Pregnancy & She Wished There Were More Answers About Why It Happened

Melinda, who announced her pregnancy on February 18 and said the baby girl was due on August 2, wrote that she began to have concerns over the last couple of weeks as she noticed the baby wasn’t moving around as much. She said, “I had awful day-long morning sickness for months and it hurts my heart to know that once I was feeling better, it was because she had passed.”

She said she had a healthy pregnancy with little stress and did everything required, including taking vitamins, going for walks, drinking water and avoiding caffeine but it still wasn’t enough. She said women lose one in five pregnancies, an “astounding statistic.” She said she can’t imagine how many women go through the same thing without getting any answers. “None of this is fair,” she wrote. “Things can just happen and we are left with little to no answers.”

Melinda Previously Opened Up About Suffering a Miscarriage Years Ago & Now Shares a Son With Her Husband

In her announcement, she said she’d had three pregnancies now with her husband Matt and they have one son together. “I know a lot of women don’t get the chance to have one child,” she wrote. “I have had the opportunity to have three pregnancies. Luckily one of those produced a beautiful healthy baby.”

Melinda and Matt got married in January 2016 and on November 8, 2019, the Real World: Austin alum gave birth to their first child, baby boy Camden. The following year, Melinda posted on Mothers’ Day and revealed that she’d suffered a miscarriage three years earlier. She said, “it stunned me. I was depressed.. lost… sad… and just hurt… It took me a full year to even be able to mention it without crying.”

Melinda wrote that she was so scared during her pregnancy with Camden that she would have another miscarriage but continued, “life has a way of working things out and I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Camden has brought so much joy to my life. He’s always smiling, cooing or just being so damn cute. These times are crazy and uncertain and yet I’m able to be happy and find joy because of him. He made me a mommy.”

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