Melinda Collins Opens Up About ‘Dark Time’ Filming the Show & Healing Process

Melinda Collins

MTV Melinda Collins on 'All Stars' 2

The second season of “The Challenge: All Stars” is five episodes into the 10-episode season and the fifth episode saw one competitor open up about a major loss they suffered recently. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the fifth episode of “The Challenge: All Stars” season two, which dropped on Paramount+ on December 9.

During the fifth episode, Melinda told some of her co-stars that the day of the challenge would be her delivery day for her daughter, who had died during her pregnancy. Melinda said she found out that her unborn baby girl had died and had to deliver her anyway, prompting Jonna Mannion and MJ Garrett to express their love and support for their co-star.

Melinda ended up getting disqualified from the challenge because she needed medical attention and was sent straight to elimination. She had to face Tina Barta, the house vote, but Tina chose not to compete, allowing Melinda to win and remain in the game. After the episode aired, Melinda opened up about the difficult time period.

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After the Episode Dropped, Melinda Wrote on Instagram How Grateful She Was to Her Co-Stars & Production & Spoke About Her Healing Process

Melinda shared a photo of herself holding a baby turtle in her hands, which she said she found in the sand on the beach in front of the Challenge house. “It’s hard to put into words all of the emotions I was feeling while filming this season, but a few reoccurring themes for me was: life, birth, growth, self love, confidence and happiness!” she wrote.

She said during her time on the show, she and her castmates found many baby sea turtles and watched a female turtle give birth and make a nest for her babies. “It touched my soul,” she wrote. “I’ve been through a lot but for whatever reason, the universe had me on that beach, that night, to witness the beauty that is life!” She thanked the cast and production for allowing her to be vulnerable and share her story and for supporting her:

Thank you for allowing me to share my story and being there for me when I had a tough day or just needed to vent. Not one person ever made me feel weak because of my loss. I’m grateful for each and every one of you who helped me heal in such a dark time. I will never forget those who were there.

She finished her post by telling other women who might be in her position or who have been in the past that they are not alone. “You are strong, beautiful and brave! Please reach out to me,” she said.

Melinda Previously Spoke About the Death of Her Baby Girl on Instagram, Who She Named Colette

Melinda publicly addressed her miscarriage on Instagram on March 24, writing, “We found out our baby passed away about 3.5 weeks ago.” She said she wasn’t sure what happened but that she had to go to the hospital and deliver her baby. “Endure the pain of contractions and a full delivery to my precious baby girl and then not be able to take her home with us,” she wrote.

The “Real World: Austin” star announced her pregnancy on February 18 and said her baby was due on August 2. In an appearance on “MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast” after the episode, Melinda said she named her daughter Colette. She told Aneesa Ferreira and Tori Deal that Colette had already died when she posted her pregnancy announcement but she didn’t know until several weeks later, which is why she felt she had to publicly explain what happened.

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