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The Challenge Spies Lies and Allies

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It’s safe to say that this season of “The Challenge” has had no shortage of hookups and showmances and we’re only four episodes in at this point. The sparks have been flying in Croatia between rookies and veterans alike but did any of these showmances make it past filming? A few stars of the show have shared where they’re at with their cast mates today.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the fourth episode of “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” which aired on September 1.

Michele Fitzgerald was eliminated this season and as she walked away from the Lair, rookie Emanuel Neagu called out “love you!” and ran down to kiss her. The two had been involved in a showmance in the first few episodes and Michele has since addressed where the two stand today.

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Michele Indicated That Nothing Is Going On With Emanuel But Who Knows What Will Happen If They’re on the Show Together Again

After Michele was eliminated from the 37th season, she appeared on “The Challenge Aftermath” hosted by Devyn Simone, who asked her what the latest is with her “Survivor” power couple with Emanuel. Michele replied, “Um, you know, I didn’t plan on getting into a showmance but I don’t know, he just has like a swag about him and I was just drawn to it, I mean he’s a badass. Yeah, I was into it.”

Although she didn’t bring it up on “Aftermath,” after the show premiered on August 11, Michele went on Instagram Live to recap the premiere with Ashley Mitchell and Amanda Garcia and said, “You guys know I was like into [Emanuel] day one. I did not falter. I was riding for him from the jump. I said he was cute, and you guys were trying to decide if he looked like a delinquent or hot.”

Michele explained that she always thought he was hot and she really liked his confidence. “And the more time you spend with him too. It’s like, ah….heart eyes,” she added. Ashley and Amanda both asked if they were going to visit each other and Michele told them, “There’s no update. We’re literally just friends.” She said she thought he might have “something else going on” but didn’t elaborate. “I don’t really ask those types of questions, but just know, I think he’s adorable.” She said, “if we get to play together again…” with a wink and left it there.

The ‘Aftermath’ Show Sparked Rumors That Michele & Fessy Might Be Together But Fessy Has Also Been Linked to Amanda

To make matters more complicated, Michele and Fessy were both on “Aftermath” and it looked to viewers as though there might be more than just friendship between the two, although they said they’re both just friends. Amanda, who hooked up with Fessy on the season, was also present at the “Aftermath” filming.

First, Devyn pointed out that Fessy and Michele were sitting very close together on the couch. She said, “Word on the street is maybe you roomed together coming to ‘Aftermath’ so what’s going on here?” Fessy and Michele both said they’re friends but Hughie Maughan spiced up the conversation by asking Amanda’s thoughts on the situation.

Michele said, “I did tell Amanda,” though she didn’t continue so it’s unclear what exactly she told her. Amanda said, “Fessy’s like an appetizer at Thanksgiving. You just pass him around. Everybody just takes a piece, and you pass it along. You don’t want too much of it,” she said.

Amanda also spoke about where things stand with Fessy on the same Instagram Live with Michele and Ashley. She said the two are just friends but Ashley asked, “Then what happened in Dallas?” Fessy and Amanda were pictured together attending the Big Brother boxing event in Dallas where Fessy fought in the main event. Amanda said, “I humped him and I dumped him.”

“I think Fessy’s messy,” she continued. “I think that he’s a reality TV boy. You know I think that a lot of them just like to d*** around and [it’s] not what I’m looking for.” It seems that despite that, the two are still on great terms as they frequently interact and flirt with each other on social media.

Amanda also hinted that Fessy might have had another hookup on “Spies, Lies and Allies,” this time with rookie Bettina Buchanan, when she tweeted during the fourth episode, “Fessy didn’t wanna say Bettinas name for another reason…” Time will tell if viewers will see that confirmed on-screen in a future episode.

“The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on MTV.

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