MJ Garrett Revealed What the ‘4th Step’ Was in the ‘All Stars 2’ Final: Co-Star

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The tenth episode of “The Challenge: All Stars 2,” which was the final episode of the season, should very well have been titled “The Fourth Step” due to how much conversation has revolved around that part of the finale in the weeks after the episode came out. The first mention of the fourth step came in an interview winners MJ Garrett and Jonna Mannion did with Entertainment Weekly after their win.

While the other two teams were struggling to open their safes in the final moments of the final, MJ told the outlet there was a fourth step added in to unlock the safe and they were able to get to it first while others could not. On the “Challenge Mania” podcast, finalist Janelle Casanave said she hadn’t heard of the fourth step until the interview and there was no fourth step on the instructions.

During that podcast appearance, Janelle said she texted MJ to ask him about the fourth step after the episode aired and his interview came out and she said he never replied. She told the co-hosts Scott Yager and Derrick Kosinski, “It’s clear what’s going on. It’s very clear that that fourth step was not given to the other two teams.” Recently, she appeared on Johnny Bananas’ podcast and said MJ has now messaged her back about the fourth step.

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Janelle Told Bananas That MJ Later Texted Her & Revealed That the 4th Step Was Actually ‘Patience’ & Slowing Down

Janelle told Bananas on his podcast during her joint appearance with Darrell Taylor that after her “Challenge Mania” episode came out where she said MJ never responded to her, she got a text from him. She said she “respected” that he didn’t answer her before but she got a text a day or so after the podcast came out. Janelle said MJ texted her that if she wanted to talk, she was welcome to call him.

Janelle said she replied, “Oh no, it’s all good, I got all the answers to the stuff I needed, but thank you.” She added, “Then [MJ] sends me another text, he’s like, ‘hey, I just want to let you know that there was no fourth step.’ He’s like, ‘you know what Janelle, now that I think about it, the fourth step was slowing down and taking our time.'”

Bananas and Darrell immediately responded by laughing and Bananas exclaimed, “Shut the f*** up! This guy had a week to come up with a better fourth step than that.”

MJ Appeared on ‘Challenge Mania’ Podcast & Said He Misspoke & There Was No 4th Step

A few days after Bananas’ podcast came out, MJ appeared on “Challenge Mania” and the now-infamous fourth step was brought up once more. Derrick asked MJ what the fourth step was and MJ replied, “It sucks right now, because I feel like I’m having to go back and talk about this whole ‘fourth step’ and guys, here’s the story behind all of that.”

He said about a week ago or so, when he did the interview with Entertainment Weekly, he had just had knee surgery. MJ opened up earlier in the interview about having just had reconstructive ACL surgery in his knee. “I’m literally laid up on my couch trying to do an interview with Entertainment Weekly and I’m really not in a good place anyways mentally and physically and also not to mention I’m sitting here taking medicine,” he explained.

He said he was “trying to recollect” the details during the interview. “I made mention of a fourth step and what I was trying to say, I misspoke,” he explained. “I was trying to say something more to the effect of, that lock felt like it had more steps than any lock that I had ever done before.” He added:

By no means at all did production come out and say ‘MJ, Jonna, this is the additional step that’s not listed on this board to how to open this lock.’ I mean, never did that happen at any point.

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