‘Double Agents’ Star Says He Needed an Ambulance After the Last Challenge

The Challenge Double Agents

MTV/YouTube The Challenge: Double Agents cast during the trivia challenge.

At first glance, the trivia challenge in the last episode of The Challenge: Double Agents did not seem particularly brutal, but one competitor just revealed that they needed assistance from an ambulance after it ended. Rookie star Nam Vo took to social media after the episode aired to explain what went down.

During the trivia challenge, contestants were placed on platforms high above the water and if they answered a question incorrectly or were picked by a competitor who answered correctly, they would get dropped lower and lower into a plank position until they could no longer hold on. Nam finished first in his heat but ultimately lost to the winner of the other heat Darrell Taylor.

After the episode, he said, “I was holding so long on the lowest stage my arms were totally cramped and after I dropped down the water I couldn’t get out the water, the ambulance had to get me.”

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Nam Vo Previously Apologized After His Performance on a Previous Episode of ‘The Challenge: Double Agents’

Nam has often given more context to his performances after each episode and previously apologized to his fans for an earlier performance. After the seventh episode, which had the “Aerial Takedown” challenge with competitors fighting to throw each other off a cargo net hanging from a helicopter, Nam apologized on Twitter.

After the two men’s heats mostly refused to fight and competitors were slammed online, Nam explained that it was a strategic decision but added, “I‘m so embarrassed seeing this right now. I want to apologize to everyone, cause this was not ME, feeling ashamed to do not compete. My competing heart felt like it was broken.”

He also went on to explain that it was a difficult week for him in the Challenge house after his closest friend, Survivor alum Jay Starrett, was sent home in elimination.

He Is Still Looking for His 1st Daily Challenge Win After Performing Well in the Last 2 Challenges & Still Needs a Skull

Nam is still looking for his first win in a daily challenge after coming very close in the last two episodes. In the eighth episode, the rookie showed his sneakiness when he won his heat in the muddy “All Brawl” challenge. However, he was unable to defeat Chris “CT” Tamburello in the male winners’ head-to-head matchup.

This past week, in the ninth episode, Nam also came very close and won his heat in the trivia challenge. However, TJ Lavin announced that Darrell answered more questions right and held on a bit longer, giving him the win over Nam.

While watching the episode, Nam tweeted, “Wanted that first rookie win so much!!! was so disappointed at myself … congrats to @mtvrrdarrell you earn it bro!” He also explained, “damn that was so high and windy and I didn’t understand half of the questions.”

Nam is also still looking for his gold skull that would make him eligible to run the final as neither he nor his partner Lolo Jones has been sent into elimination. The five gold skulls for the men have already been won by other competitors so Nam will have to defeat one of them in order to earn his place in the final.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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