Nany Gonzalez & Kaycee Clark Spark Dating Rumors

Kaycee Clark Nany Gonzalez

MTV Kaycee Clark and Nany Gonzalez

Two of the finalists from “The Challenge: Double Agents” sparked dating rumors on July 9 when they posted a picture together on Instagram, with a flurry of fans and costars quick to share their love and support. Nany Gonzalez posted the photo on her social media showing her and costar Kaycee Clark sitting together looking happy.

Nany captioned the picture “magnetic” and Kaycee commented on the picture a couple of loved-up emojis. Although they didn’t state clearly whether they’re dating or not, their costars were quick to share their love for the pair in the comments and hinted that the two might be together.

“Challenge” legend Wes Bergmann wrote, “This might be the first love story to blossom in a bunker,” referencing the house on “Total Madness” where the two competitors first met. Nany replied to Wes and didn’t deny his claim about a love story, writing, “never forget for who called it…” Here is the social media post:

In addition to Wes’ comment, several of Nany and Kaycee’s costars shared their love and support for the pair in the comments, including Kyle Christie, Kailah Casillas, Jenna Compono, Laurel Stucky, Jemmye Carroll and many more.

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Kaycee & Nany First Became Close on ‘Total Madness’ When Kaycee Was Still Dating Her Ex-Girlfriend

Kaycee and Nany first met and grew close on “Total Madness,” which was Kaycee’s rookie season, but at the time she was dating her girlfriend of a couple of years, Tayler Jiminez. Fans saw the attraction grow between Kaycee and Nany although they appeared to draw the line before it progressed further.

After some of those episodes aired, Kaycee apologized to her girlfriend and it looked like they managed to patch things up. At the time, she said she loved Tayler and “there’s no one that would ever take that position.”

Kaycee and Nany both returned to “The Challenge” for the following season, “Double Agents,” and while they made it to the final with their respective partners, it didn’t look to fans like they picked up the flirtation from the season before. However, a few days before Nany posted the picture of the two together on Instagram, Tayler called out her ex-girlfriend for lying about her situation with Nany.

Kaycee’s Ex Tayler Jiminez Tweeted About the Latest News a Few Days After Calling Out the ‘Big Brother’ Star

Kaycee was recently put on blast by her ex-girlfriend Tayler, who accused the “Challenge” star of lying about Nany. Kaycee and Tayler began dating in 2018 around the time that the reality star won her season of “Big Brother.” However, the two split up sometime in mid-March and although they didn’t announce it publicly, fans speculated about the breakup as they stopped following each other on social media and both of them removed all photos of the two together.

Last week, after Nany shared a video on her Instagram Story that showed her hanging out with Kaycee, Tayler posted on Twitter a text conversation she had with Kaycee back on March 17 in which she told Kaycee, “You made me look like an idiot on national television with the same b**** who was ‘there for you.’ I hope that b**** takes care of all your s*** since she’s so there for you.” She also said, “Bye. Go date that b**** now.”

In reply to those texts, Kaycee had asked Tayler to “come back” and apologized, saying she didn’t want to date anyone else. Tayler wrote that she had decided to walk away at that time because she found out that Kaycee was “still lying.” She later wrote:

At the end of the day, what’s done is done. I’m hurt by the amount of lies and manipulation I dealt with but I’m in my healing process and moving on. I wish everyone nothing but the best and I’ll let God handle the rest

A few hours after Nany posted the photo with Kaycee, Tayler wrote on Twitter, “Asked God to remove all the fake s*** look at how he work thank you thank you thank you.”

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