‘The Challenge’ Champ Opens Up About Being at ‘Rock Bottom’

The Challenge All Stars 2 finale

MTV The Challenge All Stars 2 finale

Nehemiah Clark of “The Challenge” got real about the ups and downs of his life in the past two years in a recent update on Instagram. The two-time “All Stars” cast member shared his past hardships in a post celebrating his recent purchase of a house.

“I’m officially a Homeowner,” Nehemiah wrote. “2 years ago at this time I was at my version of ‘rock bottom.’ I had just broken up with my fiancé , who I was with for 6 years. I gave her everything so I was homeless, zero savings, and so heartbroken, I couldn’t go a day without crying.”

Nehemiah then went into detail about his journey in the past two years to get to where he is today.

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Nehemiah Said He Moved to Kansas City & Focused on Positive Thinking

In his long caption, Nehemiah called out his close friend and “Real World” co-star Wes Bergmann for being instrumental in helping him. “I got a phone call from my best friend @westonbergmann about a project out in Kansas City, but I would need to come for 2-3 months,” he wrote. Nehemiah added:

I didn’t even ask what it was, I [hopped in] my car and drove 22 hours. It was a few months after my break up, and my ex had a new boyfriend, so I honestly just was afraid to run into her and have to see them together.

He said that the COVID-19 pandemic hit soon after he arrived in Kansas City but he “stayed positive.” He wrote, “Instead of staying depressed, I got to work,” and listed what he got up to in the past two years:

Between 2020-2022, we filmed our own show called Friends and Benefits, I was hired by a tech company to do their Marketing and filming, I shot my first challenges in over 10 years, and made it to a final, and I worked around the clock. I saved every dollar I made.

Nehemiah wrote that he doesn’t usually post his big accomplishments on social media but he wanted to in this case because it “shows the power of positive thoughts.” He concluded, “No matter how bad it got, I always told myself ‘everything is working out for my good’. And it truly was!”

Nehemiah also shared that former “Challenge” star Sylvia Elsrode was his real estate agent for his house purchase.

Nehemiah’s ‘Challenge’ Co-Stars Were Quick to Congratulate Him on Purchasing His Home

The comments on Nehemiah’s post were filled with replies from his “Challenge” co-stars celebrating his success. Wes wrote, “You worked your tail off for these victories and I’m happy we got to celebrate them.” Cara Maria Sorbello wrote, “Congratulations my friend! I’m so happy for you!”

Kam Williams commented, “Congrats!! So happy for you.” “Spies, Lies and Allies” rookie and “Survivor” star Michaela Bradshaw wrote, “Wow!! Your journey… woah… Congratulations from the soul, man. Thank you for sharing and enjoy this season of increase!”

Darrell Taylor replied, “My man!! Congrats brotha.” Jonna Mannion, who won season 2 of “All Stars,” commented, “I am so happy for you @nehemiahlclark!! Can’t wait to come visit!!” Leroy Garrett wrote, “Ayyyyy congrats brother.. ‘stand up’ so proud of this moment for you.”

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