Nelson Thomas ‘Punched & Kicked in the Face’ While Robbed in Las Vegas

Nelson Thomas

MTV Nelson Thomas on 'The Challenge: Double Agents'

“The Challenge” veteran Nelson Thomas opened up about a brutal attack he suffered a couple of weeks ago in Las Vegas, when he said he was “sucker-punched and kicked in the face” by a man who was trying to steal his jewelry. Nelson shared the story on his Instagram and said he had to get surgery to fix his broken nose.

Nelson wrote, “To make a long story short, i was in Las Vegas and was sucker punched & kicked in the face because the guy was trying steal my jewerly. Yes the police caught him but I was left with a broken nose. It was so swollen that no doctor wanted to see me until the swelling went down.”

Here is the post (Warning: some of the images and videos of the surgery are graphic and may disturb some readers):

In the post, Nelson a photo of his bloody and broken nose after the attack as well as a video of himself getting wheeled to the hospital by a paramedic. “Nose is broken, head is hurting, jaw’s hurting, feel like I might have a concussion,” he said in the video.

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Nelson Discussed the Incident on Instagram Live & Said Now He Feels a Lot More Cautious & ‘Jumpy’

Nelson recently went on Instagram Live to speak about the incident in Las Vegas. He said he was in Las Vegas working and one night, as he was leaving the ARIA Resort and Casino, he was outside the hotel and someone punched him to the side of his face from behind. He said he was at the hotel networking and had only had one drink. It was around 1:30 a.m. and his two friends were getting the Uber while he was making a phone call, he revealed.

The punch knocked him to the ground, he explained, and then he was kicked in the face. “I am dazed,” he said. “I had no idea what was going on and then next thing you know I felt somebody grabbing my neck and he just rips my chain off and he just runs.” He said his friends and the police then chased the individual.

He said while he was the victim in the situation, he didn’t want to “play the victim” and just felt “happy and blessed” that he found a surgeon who could repair his nose. “It’s heartbreaking man, I didn’t know what to do.” He said it was a difficult experience because he used to walk around with his guard down and now, when fans run up to him he feels “jumpy.”

On his Instagram Live, Nelson revealed that the suspect went to jail for a couple of nights but then never showed up to his court date. “I found out that the guy had warrants out for his arrest,” Nelson said in the video, “he was on the run, so I was left with all those bills… I couldn’t get justice.”

Nelson Responded to an Article & Said They Were Falsely Reporting the Motive Behind the Attack

TMZ reported on the story and wrote that a police report stated that the man who attacked Nelson said he did so because Nelson was flirting with his wife. Nelson took to social media to state, “@TMZ This is not true. I was hit from behind and robbed. Nobody’s wife was involved. I was attacked by a criminal. Where did you get your information? You should call me if you want the real story.”

He then accused the outlet of finding the “most provocative part about the story (his testimony that I was flirting with his wife) and spun it even though it wasn’t true.” He said he called MTV and was put in contact with TMZ. “They apologetically asked me to tell the true story and do an interview,” he wrote on Twitter.

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