‘The Challenge’ Star Shares Thoughts on Jordan Wiseley Casting on All Stars

Jordan Wiseley

MTV Jordan Wiseley's cast photo for 'The Challenge: All Stars 3'

The 3rd season of “The Challenge” hit spinoff “All Stars” is underway and one storyline that was explored in the first episode was the progress made by Jordan Wiseley and Nia Moore in their friendship. Fans had a first-row seat to the ups and downs of the “Real World: Portland” alums’ relationship and some viewers have made it clear that they didn’t think either should be allowed back on the show due to their actions, prompting Nia to respond.

One Instagram account, saved on Reddit, wrote, “A lot of fans are upset and Mad at Jordan being back and only him getting a opportunity to address their problematic past and not others… thoughts? Personally I think he should not be back he’s done and said way worse than Dee [Nguyen] and Taylor [Selfridge] who publicly got fired but that’s just me…”

Nia took to the comments to reply, “This is tired guys. Production didn’t ban either of us. The behavior that put us in time out from the show tho, we did to each other. What we also did, solely because of growth and accountability, was build a genuine mutual respect for one another off camera. For seven years, we healed together.” She added:

I understand cancel culture and that it’s warranted at times, but where do we go from there? Should people not root for redemption?

Our story of turning hate and ignorance into unconditional love is powerful… it should be told. But I get it, some people rather condemn others forever than allow room for grace. It’s more entertaining I guess.

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Nia Wrote a Long Statement About Her Relationship With Jordan

On May 13, Nia spoke once more about her relationship with Jordan by penning a long essay in her Instagram caption accompanying a photo of the two together in an “All Stars 3” confessional. “Ten years ago, we were each other’s worst enemy,” she wrote. “If you’ve followed our journey since The Real World Portland & our last time on @thechallenge , then you bore witness to the many ugly things we said/did to one another.”

She said while fans haven’t seen them between their last time on “The Challenge” seven years ago and “All Stars,” the two went on a big journey together off-screen. “The girl I was at 24 was defensive, incredibly prideful and ignorant of the consequences of my words/actions,” she wrote. “Initially back then, I fought to justify my behavior because accountability was too painful to bare. But as time passed, I healed. I evolved.”

She said she had to not only forgive herself but she had to get over her price and ask for Jordan’s forgiveness. “I feared he would never give it to me,” Nia wrote. “Thankfully, Jordan mutually embraced this challenge, took my hand and led the way.” She added:

The years since you last saw us, have been filled with so much personal and collaborative growth… We patched our wounds and healed together behind closed doors rather than on a stage, because we were doing it for us…and no one else.

More than anything, I hope our story showcases the power of healing and forgiveness. You can, with a little courage, do the same in your own lives. And I have to tell you, it feels sooo damn good when you do!

Nia concluded that she “loves this man with my entire heart, in this lifetime and the next” and asked fans to give them grace. Jordan responded simply to Nia, “So beautifully said,” with a heart emoji.

Fans Had a Lot to Say in Reaction to Some of Nia’s Comments, With Many Expressing Support

A Reddit thread discussing Nia’s initial comments saw the returning “Challenge” competitor get a lot of support. One fan wrote, “I think their return opens so many doors to conversations around growth… Nia and Jordan have both shown remorse for their actions and owned up to it…The difference with Camila or Dee now–neither of whom have proved to learn anything.”

One person wrote, “I wasn’t happy to see she was returning but after seeing the first 2 episodes and seeing how her and Jordan have grown close despite their past I’m really happy she’s back.” Another said, “It’s wild to me that fans look at Production as a moral authority when they’re the ones who casted these people in the first place (after conducting background checks and several interviews).”

One Redditor reacted, “i’m so glad attitudes ab this are shifting i’m noticing it outside of the challenge too. like nia said, there DEF is a time and place but we can grow too.” Someone said, “Prime example, CT. I love the big man, and have always supported him, but no one can deny that there was a time where he was not a good person. Yes, one can argue that there were legitimate reasons for his aggressive behavior, but CT has grown in so many ways both on and off screen.”

One person’s praise of Nia read, “Eloquent response from Nia! Glad she gets to show everyone the fact that she’s grown.” Someone else wrote, “I’m really happy she took time to speak on this. Imo, if both parties that had the conflict are not only over the situation, but have become really good friends after the fact, who are we as fans and viewers to still hold a grudge or be mad about it?”

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