‘The Challenge’ Star Slams Castmates: ‘I Am an Actual Competitor’

The Challenge: War of the Worlds

MTV/YouTube The Hall Brawl elimination between Kyle and Theo on The Challenge: War of the Worlds

Paulie Calafiore hasn’t been back on “The Challenge” since narrowly missing out on the win on “War of the Worlds 2” a couple of seasons ago but that hasn’t stopped him from discussing the current cast members of the show and how he would do on the show compared to those stars, with the latest conversation revolving around Fessy Shafaat.

In a recent Instagram Q&A, a fan asked if Paulie would face Fessy in a Hall Brawl and if so, whether he thinks he would win. Paulie replied, “I would face him because I am an actual competitor. At his current weight I would win. At the weight he came in at on [Total Madness] he would win.”

Paulie continued, “I can promise you it would be a battle regardless and if I lost I wouldn’t use his size as an excuse. I think it’s a cop out that current cast mates use that about [Fessy]. Either train for someone his size and athleticism or stay home.”

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Paulie Also Said He’s Not Afraid to Go Into a Physical Elimination Because of His Wrestling Background

Paulie also took the opportunity to share a video to his social media of himself wrestling someone else in the water, which ended quickly as Paulie managed to get his opponent to the ground and underwater. He wrote in the caption that his martial arts background prepared him for physical matchups in “The Challenge” regardless of the size of his opponent.

I’ll settle the debate on me vs a bigger opponent. 15 years of wrestling. 10 years of BJJ. Nobody is touching me in something physical. PERIOD! Don’t let the show fool you. I had to sit out of a physical daily and was begged not to go into an elimination against an injured person.

In the comments, one person wrote that Paulie appeared scared to face Kyle Christie on “War of the Worlds,” declining to put himself in against his rival. Instead, Kyle ended up facing his fellow Brit Theo Campbell in Hall Brawl and losing to him after a close battle.

Paulie replied to the comment, “I’ll settle this too…. Dude begged for me not to go down because of his injuries the night before and then played up his interviews after the fact. He got beat by a track runner….. y’all saw what happened when he went against a contact sport athlete. Enough said.”

Paulie Has Been Really Active in Talking About ‘The Challenge’ & Recently Got Into a Dispute With Jemmye Carroll

Paulie has been very involved in “The Challenge” discussions on social media lately and he recently got into it with “All Stars” finalist Jemmye Carroll. Paulie’s brother Cody Calafiore slammed Jemmye in a Live with Paulie and Cara and said the “Real World: New Orleans” star is “probably one of the worst people that I’ve ever seen on ‘The Challenge,’ I’m blown away every single year that she gets asked back.”

Jemmye clapped back at the brothers, tweeting, “I couldn’t care less about what those brothers that make out with their dad said about me.” Paulie replied to Jemmye’s tweet, “So you disagree that Cara is more of an all star than you? Also, most men would rather kiss their Dad than kiss you Jemmye the hut.”

Paulie later took to Instagram and wrote that Jemmye should not have spoken about his family’s culture and listed the reasons he didn’t like her, calling the reality star a “bully.” He concluded the statement by saying he holds everyone accountable: “If you’re a s*** person, you’re a s*** person. Period.”

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