CT Tamburello Was Allowed to ‘Walk Away’ With Wins, Co-Star Says

CT Tamburello

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Paulie Calafiore is known for his call-outs of other “Challenge” cast members and clap backs on social media toward fans who have criticized him and earlier in May he shaded his co-stars when he claimed that they allowed CT Tamburello and Johnny Bananas Devenanzio to “walk away” with wins in recent years.

Paulie hasn’t been on “The Challenge” since “War of the Worlds 2,” when he and the rest of Team USA lost in the final against Team UK, which included CT. The following season, “Total Madness,” was won by Bananas and Jenny West, while CT won the next two seasons, first “Double Agents” with Amber Borzotra then “Spies, Lies and Allies” with Kaycee Clark.

One fan tweeted about the show and slammed Paulie, writing, “@ChallengeMTV is a way better show when @johnnybananas isn’t getting eliminated early in the season. If I never see @PaulCalafiore_ on the Challenge again it will be too soon.” Paulie replied and threw some shade toward “Challenge” stars.

“So you prefer the past 3 seasons where the cast bends over backwards to help Johnny & CT make finals so they can just easily walk away with it,” he wrote. “The competitors suck. Period. Keep complaining about how you wish it was how it used to be. I don’t fit in with the kumbaya bs anyway.” In a later tweet, Paulie wrote, “In the last 3 seasons. Remove CT, Johnny, Wes [Bergmann], Jordan [Wiseley], Darrell [Taylor]. Name one male challenger better than me. I’ll wait… just say you’re a hater and move on.”

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Paulie Hit Back at Criticism From Fans About His Own Performance on the Show

Paulie then clapped back at many fans on Twitter, as a lot of people criticized the reality star for his claims. He stated that even though he hasn’t been back on the show, he has been getting calls to be re-cast. “If you think I haven’t been getting calls it’s because that’s what I wanted you thinking while I was trying out for the Olympics so I could see how bold people would get online,” he wrote.

In response to a fan telling him that “final reckoning was the easiest final in challenge history” and Paulie didn’t even make it to second place, Paulie wrote, “Calm down sweetheart. I know it’s a tough pill to swallow, but as easy as FR was… the past three made that look like WOTW1 & 2. Maybe if there were better competitors the finals would be harder.”

Paulie also claimed that he “accomplished more” than most of the last three seasons’ cast. He also stated that he didn’t “gas out” in the “War of the Worlds” final but actually had heat stroke and blasted “out of shape couch potatoes” for the criticism.

Paulie Has Also Butted Heads With Many of His ‘Challenge’ Co-Stars

Paulie has been at odds with many of his “Challenge” co-stars in the last couple of years and several of them trolled him back in February 2022. Paulie commented on the CBS “Challenge: USA” announcement and global tournament and wrote that he would be the “first global champion from the U.S.” He added, “I hope the U.S. competitors bring it because they have been severely lacking the past 3 seasons… and other countries don’t care about ‘good personalities’ they care about winning to bring honor back to the nation.”

Many “Challenge” stars blasted Paulie, with season 37 rookie Hughie Maughan saying, “It’s a TV show not a bloody world title for christ sake.” Theo Campbell wrote, “Isn’t CT technically a Global champ from the US?” in reference to CT Tamburello beating Paulie and winning “War of the Worlds 2” with Team U.K.

Trishelle Cannatella commented, “Secondhand embarrassment I have never seen anyone beg so hard to be on a show. It’s painful to watch.” Tyler Duckworth agreed, writing, “Challenge = Life to Paulie apparently.” Laurel Stucky and Paulie also got into it recently after she laughed at Theo posting photos about his time on the show and he included one of Paulie lying on the ground during the final.

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